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Trinidad and Tobago Country Wide Internet Disruption

My internet has been down this morning and has been coming briefly at minimal speeds. Saw a media release from TATT that regional subsea fiber optic damage had occurred. On twitter there were numerous complains for all the ISPs including mobile data. On one facebook forum the event was described as a webpocalypse. I did a speedtest at 1027am to Miami from my Flow connection and got 0.18 Mbps. Before I figured out the extent of the outage, I was thinking about adding a 1 day data plan and I am glad I did not waste my money. Internet has become so much a part of our lives now that an outage like this gets in our feels. I will update this blog as this situation progresses. I read a news report that repairs may not be completed until Thursday DEC 10, 2020. Update - A release I got directly from TATT states as follows The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) wishes to advise that Internet connectivity to several service providers has been disrupted.  This is an island-