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I ordered food with Food Drop and Scotia Visa Debit Linx card

I discovered that I could use Food Drop with my Scotia (Trinidad and Tobago) Visa Debit Linx card. The Scotia card works with some of the local websites and apps that charge TT currency. Food Drop is not listed on the Scotia website but it does work. I contacted Scotia to see if that list needs updating. It was a rainy and overcast Saturday afternoon and I was hungry. I decided to try the Food Drop app. I remember trying the app before and it did not work with my card. But it works now. It was my first time and I decided to order from a place that is closer to me. Hakka Express has a Chaguanas location and I live in Cunupia. I chose a classic box and a portion of wantons. I added 100 dollars to my Food Drop wallet and proceeded to checkout. I already had my address and location on the map in the app. Since it was my first time ordering I got free delivery but my order had to be over 75 dollars. This was reasonable and I was happy. When I checked the Scotia app, my available balance wa

The Big Electricity Outage

This day was a buy out lunch kind of day. I changed my clothes, put money in my pockets and headed through the door. I walked to the main road, waited a short while and then boarded a green band maxi taxi. My destination was David's roti shop. I was getting a small chicken roti and my mom wanted a small rice, dhal and curry goat. On my way back I got a drop from my uncle who spotted me while I was waiting for a maxi taxi. Lunch was fulling and satisfying. Lunch was accompanied by an entire 20oz bottle of Coca Cola. The sweet drink was poured into a plastic tumbler filled with ice. That was perfection for the hot weather we were experiencing. Shortly afterwards I was in need of a midday nap. As I switched on the air conditioner and about a minute of time had passed, current was gone. This also meant no internet. I was sleepy from that hearty lunch and slept for about 2 hours until about 2 pm. I was sweaty, sticky and hot. I felt like I was living in the arabian desert. The electrici

Smart Work Pays Off

I have a technology background and our job in technology is to make things easier, not harder. When I had my IT consultancy, the aim I had for my customers was to make technology work for them. All the progress we have made as humankind should count for something. I am very bothered when persons say, hard work pays off. I would much rather say and hear, smart work pays off. There is a difference between hard work and smart work. When I Google "smart work vs hard work", I see that there are many articles covering the topic. It is important to recognise the difference and start embracing smart work over hard work. When we glorify hard work we perpetuate hardships and there are no incentives for doing things the smart and better way. I like to see when people come up with smart ways to do things. This topic has me thinking about SMART goals. Let's be smart about life and what we want to achieve. What is hard work? When I think about hard work, I think about long hours, sacri

Trinidad and Tobago Digital Readiness Assessment Survey

Update Feb 24 2023 - The survey has long been closed and the results/report was published and a copy can be found here . Lets hope that this does not become another report collecting dust and that we act on the recommendations. At the end of this year and the future I will contact the ministry to ask what was actioned and update this blog post. Original blog post - Sharing this important survey. Copied from the Ministry of Digital Transformation's facebook page. On our digital transformation journey, we want to ensure that we identify, prioritise and meet your needs. And who better to tell us your needs than YOU? The Ministry of Digital Transformation, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme Trinidad and Tobago, is rolling out the Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA), an internationally recognised survey-based tool developed by the UNDP, to provide insights into a country's digital strengths and weaknesses. Take part by answering the questions at the link

What is a Visionary?

Today I asked myself two questions. What is a visionary? And am I a visionary? Before heading over to Google to get a good definition of visionary, I would say that I think a visionary is someone with good ideas of how things could be and yes, in that case, I see myself as a visionary. Especially in the tech space. In my video, My Views on the Tech Space in Trinidad and Tobago , I suggested that we were not listening to the visionaries. According to Oxford dictionary, a visionary is a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. My definition was missing the keyword "original". And yes, I still think I am a visionary. In my youtube bio I call myself an ideas machine. So what do I do with all these ideas? I mention some of my ideas from time to time, especially when asked to give feedback, example, My Roadmap to Recovery Submissions . Often time I hear persons say that we need more action and less talk, more doers and less talkers. I agree but at the