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What is coding?

The below is a chapter from my second book Learning to code again

Hello World

The below is a chapter from my second book Learning to code again

Guest Post - Uncharted Fintech Waters, Look No Further than the Caribbean

By Jorge Salum , Senior Director, Business Development for Visa Latin America and the Caribbean The last decade has been marked by a rapid shift towards digital. Fintech have played an important role in propelling the payments and money movement industry to reach more people and businesses, tackle once “unsolvable” challenges, and accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies. In Latin America and the Caribbean, fintech investment and growth continue to be a source of positive news. According to a recent CB Insights report, last year represented the second largest investment year on record (despite the marked drop in funding) with the emergence of seven new unicorns across insurance, payments, and banking segments, and an increased offering to SME. And while Mexico and Brazil continue to be the largest markets for the fintech sector, the Caribbean has shown incredible momentum. Markets like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, and Jamaica are emerging as prospecti

My DHub Experience so far

I have been using dhub since launch and this has been my experience so far. The support chat and support email is responsive. Within a few days I would get a response. It feels like magic whenever I can get a response from a government entity. There were teething issues like a typo and missing info and problem for me registering that I easily got support for. Not all the features of Gitlab are enabled. I think I would continue to use my Github unless I require internal dhub collaboration. Some features that I emailed about include no email notifications, no emailing issues, no email invites, no group wiki, non working gitlab runner, no support for SSH, certificate error cloning over HTTPS, gitlab pages not enabled and no 2FA. I think it would help with reach and engagement and interest and sign ups if they gave away a phone or laptop to encourage participation. Also, I think it would be cool and useful if all dhub members were given domain names? I shared some benefits of this