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My Year In New York from 2002 to 2003

Somehow I managed upon Action Kid on youtube and I am now a big fan. I love exploring and walking and that is what he does. Scenes from New York remind me of my year of living and working in New York. Before that year I had spent a summer interning at Goldman Sachs on wall street. I also spent my first university Christmas break at a friends family in Brooklyn. What I love about New York is the diversity of people and places. An amazing melting pot of peoples from all over the world. For the summer internship I stayed at one of the NYU dorms in Manhattan and for the year I lived on Schermahorn St. in Brooklyn Heights. A small studio close to the train station, Brooklyn Heights promenade and a cinema and many other conveniences. It's been more than 17 years now and much of my memories are faded. The one thing I don't miss is the depressing winter weather. The things I remember are the bike rides across the Brooklyn bridge, trips to Central Park, ferry rides to Staten Island and

Understanding Digital Transformation in Trinidad and Tobago

What is digital transformation? To me, digital transformation means using technology to improve or transform the way things are done. Why change? Because of the problems, issues, pain points, however you choose to describe these, with how things are currently working. Why technology? Because technology has proven to be an enabler of transformation in the past and in other jurisdictions. When I Google "why technology transformation" one of the top results was this article, Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology . What I took from this was that technology is just the enabler. Technology is just the tool. We have to do a lot of non technology work to bring about digital transformation. One of the things the article pointed to was having the right mindset and practices. So while we put things online and digitise records we should be reviewing the data that is captured, the workflows involved and the reasons for being. Transformations can be hard work and then there are no