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My Experience Setting Up FLOW's TG2492LG-FLO WIFI Modem

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I had one of the early purely modem devices for about 7 or more years now. I connected this to my Linksys router and I was set. The router is old and does not have all the features of modern routers but it worked. Did a house call the other day and saw that the person had the WIFI modem with their AVS setup. Then it occurred to me that I should switch out my modem for a WIFI modem. That way I wouldn't have to worry about buying a new router when it was time for that. Made some notes after setting up my device and I am sharing it on my blog here.
I access the settings using the https link so that credentials entered are encrypted while communicating with the router - was told to skip the change password on first login prompt. Do it afterwards from the admin menu.I chose to not broadcast SSID. You will have to manually add your WIFI to y…