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My Experience Setting Up FLOW's TG2492LG-FLO WIFI Modem

Note : I get a lot of views on this blog post. It helps with future updates, if you message me stating what you need help with. See video on how to change password - Change Flow Trinidad Wifi Modem Password - TG2492LG-FLO I had one of the early purely modem devices for about 7 or more years now. I connected this to my Linksys router and I was set. The router is old and does not have all the features of modern routers but it worked. Did a house call the other day and saw that the person had the WIFI modem with their AVS setup. Then it occurred to me that I should switch out my modem for a WIFI modem. That way I wouldn't have to worry about buying a new router when it was time for that. Made some notes after setting up my device and I am sharing it on my blog here. I access the settings using the https link so that credentials entered are encrypted while communicating with the router - The username is admin and the default password is printed on the bottom of the