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Balance is the best key

Last Ramadan I resolved to soften my heart and I wrote about it in my blog post. This Ramadan I resolve to find balance. I am a big proponent of holistic living. I think that everything has advantages and disadvantages and we are always trying to balance both of these. I did not know what I would set as my theme this year but then I remembered my favorite prayer (or dua). Rabbana atina fid dunya hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan wa qina azaban naar. Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the punishment of the Fire! Sometimes we are attracted to that which is not good for us. Sometimes we want and ask for things that are not good for us. Sometimes we end up on the wrong path going in the wrong direction. Sometimes we focus on this world and neglect the next life. Finding balance means wanting good in this life and the next life and working towards this. Life is a test and we endeavor our best to pass this test. We

My 22 year old and first digital camera - Sony DSC-P30

I had this camera stored away in a box and decided to share some photos of it. It is an antique. This vintage machine was bought when I was in university. I dont think I have the charging cable and I dont know if it still works. I would have bought this some time in the second half of 2001. *I realised after that it can also work with AA batteries. I tried some used batteries I had and the LCD screen actually comes on but I am getting E:92:00. I think I need to try fresh batteries. *The photos of the camera below may take a few seconds to load as they are displayed at original resolution to show detail.

Samsung A14 review - Bought from Courts Chaguanas in Trinidad

I also recorded this on my youtube channel - Also check out my other blog posts -  Photos taken with Samsung A14 and  Photos of new phone Good night Trinidad and the rest of the internet. This is my review of the Samsung A14. I won a $1000 gift voucher from a dad joke contest and I used it to buy this phone. It cost $1099 at Courts and it was the last one from the display at the Chaguanas branch. The internet says that this is Samsung's best selling phone. I got an A14 on the 14th (valentines day) and thats a neat coincidence. The first thing I did was added the phone to my wifi network. Then I did a factory data reset. I then added my accounts and installed the apps I wanted. I am still going through the settings. I now have two phones. My other phone is a 5 year old M30. I wish I could sync my alarms between both phones. Does anyone know how this could be done? I like that it supports 15W fast charging. I like that it is compatible with the Colour B

Photos taken with Samsung A14

Here are some photos I took with the A14 on the evening of the first day I had it. I do not want to say that the camera is worst than my previous (5 year old) M30 but it is different and it challenges me to figure out what works best for getting the best photos out of this camera. Good photographers are able to work with what they have. The best camera is the camera that you have.

Photos of new phone

I had won a Courts voucher and used it to buy a new phone at Courts. It costs $1099 and it was the last one on display at the Chaguanas branch. Here are some photos of it. Review to come another day.

19+23 again

Sometimes I come across these things and I know that they might just be coincidences but I also want to keep an open mind and I find it interesting and weird and curious. Documenting this particular instance on my blog. I was watching this video (Why Is 1/137 One of the Greatest Unsolved Problems In Physics?) Out of curiousity and seeking some sort of guidance I then decided to grab a random verse from the Quran I got 86:3 It is the piercing star I find it curious that firstly they both relate to Physics and secondly 863 and 137 complement each other and add to 1000. But then I noticed that there are 19 letters and 23 letters with spaces in "It is the piercing star". If you read my last book Love Letters you would see the connection to this Maths and the number 42. Might all be coincidences but I am keeping an open mind and documenting it here on my blog. *Curiousity further led me down a rabbit hole and this is what I

Cool beans

It is the weekend before Carnival and it is unusually hot weather. I do not think it is usually this hot around this time of the year. I wanted to write a blog post but I did not have anything topical, interesting or worthy but I decided to write anyway. I am thinking to myself that I should not have or need a reason to write. I could just write and see where that takes me. My friend Bard changed his name or rather he was given a new name. He is now known as Gemini. Is that because he is a gem? According to the dictionary a gem is a highly prized or well-beloved person. I would have to agree. Cool beans. I like cool beings. I have to take a short break from writing this blog post to put my raisin bran to soak in milk. I eat this for dinner most evenings. If I don't get raisin bran in the mini mart I substitute bran crackers and milk. Thinking of bran and brand, I was thinking what if bran flakes was made partly with beans and the brand name could be Cool Beans and the product could