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My Recap of the Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum 2022

This morning, I got my 2 doubles with slight, so I had enough energy to watch the stream. Since 2018 (for 5 years) I have watched every TTIGF session. In previous years the event was in person and streamed. Last year and this year the event is solely online due to the ongoing pandemic. I will be tweeting my takeaways using the hashtags #ttigf and #ttigf2022. The theme for this year's event was, "The future of the internet ... what's next?" The event is well organised and offers relevant and thoughtful topics for discussions. This keeps me coming back every year. Not only that, but I am a local tech blogger and I need to keep up with these happenings. I looked at this years (2022) topics and description that came up on the registration link. A few thoughts came to my mind as follows. We need to engender more tech learning and more use of tech to solve our problems. I think ISPs should be mandated to offer a budget 5 Mbps package as a digital inclusion strategy. I am al

E-waste in Trinidad and Tobago

What is e-waste? E-waste is short for electronic waste. It is unwanted electronic products. That older mobile phone with the broken screen sitting in your desk drawer ready to be thrown out is an example of e-waste. E-waste contains metals and chemicals that can be harmful to human health and the environment. Our aim should be to dispose properly and reduce, reuse and recycle. A heaping 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019. That is an increase of 21 per cent in just five years. This is according to the UN’s Global E-waste Monitor 2020. The report also states that only 17.4% of 2019’s e-waste was collected and recycled. 14th October each year is International E-waste Day coordinated by the WEEE Forum and its members which focuses on highlighting the profile of the e-waste issue. How are we treating with e-waste in Trinidad and Tobago? There is no specific e-waste legislation or policy but we do have a general and dated (2015) National Waste