EmployTT is now live

EmployTT was a category at the inaugural HackTT competition in 2019. A team of developers from UTT came first in that category. iGovTT has since developed EmployTT and hopefully this new EmployTT website fares better than the shuttered GHRS website which served the same function. We knew it was coming and May last year I asked them to get more info about it. Jan 18 2021 iGovTT put a coming soon on their socials which piqued my interest and I was ready to test it out and blog about it. Only today I saw the website was launched at The ad says, easy, convenient and secure. I question the quality assurance on this one as there was lorem ipsum text on the about page at time of launch. Notifications from the system are not encrypted and says did not encrypt this message. The website provides very basic functionality. I applaud them for getting started and I am really hoping for improvements over time. With feedback from us and them being open to feedbac

What I think about the TTWiFi project

What is TTWiFi? This is a government project to provide free internet access in public places. This is linked to reducing the digital divide in Trinidad and Tobago. It is currently available at some transport hubs and some libraries. You can get more info from their website at . This website does not use https encryption which is not a good first impression to me. When I did a Twitter search I saw that TTWifi is also the name of a virus. Just something to keep in mind and makes me wonder if there was another name that could have been chosen. One of the places I like to see free WiFi is on public transport since that is some free time available. There is a project between PTSC and bmobile to provide wifi on the buses and some maxi taxis have WiFi. The major issue I see with these is the reliability, reach and upkeep. Flow has their customer hotspots that I have used successfully in Chaguanas around Mid Center Mall on some occasions. I remember feeling excited a

Am I a good writer?

I should be writing more on this blog and when I thought about it this morning, I asked myself, am I a good writer? What makes a good writer and do I need to be a good writer? I can be a savvy writer but then suppose my content is not readable by the average person. My writing is an expression of me and in a style that is mines and that is something I do not want changed. I am not writing enough for this blog. I started off writing blog posts consistently and it was looking good but then I slowed down. When I think about it, I come to the conclusion that I am thinking too much and trying too hard when I just need to write. Let it flow, enjoy writing and let it be a fun experience. So what if the blog post is not put together and banging, once I am writing and having fun. The more I write, the better I would get anyway. The other thing is motivation. If you are reading this then leave a comment to let me know that you are reading. Then there are no other local tech bloggers that I know.

Trinidad and Tobago Country Wide Internet Disruption

My internet has been down this morning and has been coming briefly at minimal speeds. Saw a media release from TATT that regional subsea fiber optic damage had occurred. On twitter there were numerous complains for all the ISPs including mobile data. On one facebook forum the event was described as a webpocalypse. I did a speedtest at 1027am to Miami from my Flow connection and got 0.18 Mbps. Before I figured out the extent of the outage, I was thinking about adding a 1 day data plan and I am glad I did not waste my money. Internet has become so much a part of our lives now that an outage like this gets in our feels. I will update this blog as this situation progresses. I read a news report that repairs may not be completed until Thursday DEC 10, 2020. Update - A release I got directly from TATT states as follows The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) wishes to advise that Internet connectivity to several service providers has been disrupted.  This is an island-

My Year In New York from 2002 to 2003

Somehow I managed upon Action Kid on youtube and I am now a big fan. I love exploring and walking and that is what he does. Scenes from New York remind me of my year of living and working in New York. Before that year I had spent a summer interning at Goldman Sachs on wall street. I also spent my first university Christmas break at a friends family in Brooklyn. What I love about New York is the diversity of people and places. An amazing melting pot of peoples from all over the world. For the summer internship I stayed at one of the NYU dorms in Manhattan and for the year I lived on Schermahorn St. in Brooklyn Heights. A small studio close to the train station, Brooklyn Heights promenade and a cinema and many other conveniences. It's been more than 17 years now and much of my memories are faded. The one thing I don't miss is the depressing winter weather. The things I remember are the bike rides across the Brooklyn bridge, trips to Central Park, ferry rides to Staten Island and

Understanding Digital Transformation in Trinidad and Tobago

What is digital transformation? To me, digital transformation means using technology to improve or transform the way things are done. Why change? Because of the problems, issues, pain points, however you choose to describe these, with how things are currently working. Why technology? Because technology has proven to be an enabler of transformation in the past and in other jurisdictions. When I Google "why technology transformation" one of the top results was this article, Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology . What I took from this was that technology is just the enabler. Technology is just the tool. We have to do a lot of non technology work to bring about digital transformation. One of the things the article pointed to was having the right mindset and practices. So while we put things online and digitise records we should be reviewing the data that is captured, the workflows involved and the reasons for being. Transformations can be hard work and then there are no

My Weight Loss Journey With IF and CICO

Always consult your doctor before and during any weight loss, fitness and healthy eating journey. I weigh myself daily but I only record my weight in the app I use on a Fridays. I use the MyFitnessPal app to track calories and weight. Based on my profile and my goals the app estimated that I could lose 2lbs per week by consuming 1500 calories per day. This morning and my 7th week, I weighed 201 lbs. That means I have lost 10 lbs in 7 weeks. Google what 10 lbs of fat looks like and see how much progress that represents. I do IF which is intermittent fasting and CICO which is calories in calories out. Intermittent fasting has several benefits which you can research and consult your doctor. It helps with insulin resistance, mood, energy and weight loss. It is estimated that a pound of fat is worth about 3500 calories. Counting calories is about creating a calories deficit so that fat burning happens. When counting calories sometimes I have to guess how much calories is in something I am e