My Recap of the Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum 2023

I got up and went to the mini mart and then bought my doubles for breakfast and then ate my doubles and was ready for the forum. Thank you to the organisers of this event and the partners. I think more persons should come on board. It is an opportunity to inform and educate and learn from each other. I hope the powers that be are tuning in and making notes and then more importantly, taking action. Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum is a yearly event that brings together persons interested in discussing topics related to our use of the internet. Since 2018 (for 6 years) I have watched every session religiously. See my blog posts from 2022 and 2021 . You can contribute topics and speakers. I had proposed a topic about work from home that got meshed with a broader topic "The digitization of Government and Society will positively affect the lives of citizens and Economy in Trinidad and Tobago". My proposed topic was "Work from home as the norm". Then the bro

Flow Internet in Tobago

I was browsing my facebook feed and came across a post stating that Flow is now offering internet service in Tobago, "Just in case you have not yet heard, Flow is in TOBAGO, and we are painting the town BLUE. It's time to Switch, Join #TeamBlue. Visit here to find the plan that's right for YOU #FlowinTobago". From their website page where you can get more info, it looks like only available in certain areas of west Tobago for now. The website states that more locations to be shared soon! They want you to check back later or keep an eye on their social media channels. I contacted Flow to see if a press release was issued that could have more useful information. It took them long enough to come over to Tobago and the more options and competition should be better for Tobagonians. Also it is a fiber network which is different from Trinidad which is parts fiber and parts cable. If you are in Tobago let me know what you think of this new option.

This blog post was written by ChatGPT - Trinidad and Tobago is rapidly becoming a hub for technology innovation and development

Write a blog post that talks about the technology space in Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island country located in the Caribbean, is rapidly becoming a hub for technology innovation and development. The government has been actively promoting the growth of the technology sector, with a focus on areas such as digital government, smart cities, and entrepreneurship. One of the major initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago is the development of a "Digital Trinidad and Tobago" strategy. This strategy aims to improve the delivery of government services through digital means, as well as to promote the use of technology in various sectors of the economy. The government has also been investing in the development of smart cities, with a focus on areas such as transportation, energy, and public safety. In addition to government initiatives, there has also been a significant increase in the number of technology startups in Trinidad and Tobago. These startups are focused on ar

Stack Overflow Developer Survey

The latest Stack Overflow survey results  is out. I wish we had a similar survey for Trinidad and Tobago and the region. It is useful to get a sense of what developers are wanting, what they are using, the challenges and so much more. Software developers form a large group of the tech ecosystem. The hardware is useless without the developers. Quality systems and processes take skillful developers. I looked through the survey results and these are my quick takeaways - Many persons are choosing coding as a career path - Perl language has lost its popularity in the developer space to other languages. This has been for some time. But Perl developers are highly paid and in demand. So you can make some money by learning an older language. - Trinidad and Tobago had a measely 20 persons complete the survey. This is unacceptable. - 53.06% of respondents started coding between 11 - 17 years of age. This fits with my idea that coding should be mandatory in Secondary school. - 91% of all responden

Living with mental illness

It is not easy to write a blog post and say I suffer from mental illness. It feels like this is something I should keep to myself. There is certain amounts of stigmatisation. From my experience workplaces in Trinidad need to be more open to hiring mentally ill persons. Persons should not be afraid to say that they are mentally ill and would require certain allowances like work from home, time off for monthly clinic visits, paid sabaticals and enclosed cubicles for example. In general we need better allowances for the differently abled in Trinidad and Tobago. The disability grant that the differently abled get is not enough to get by. It assumes that you have a place to stay or you are living with your parents. At the very least the government should be making incremental increases. Also special provisions can be made for dental work, wheel chairs, other equipment and other needs. TATT for example has a great subsidy program of $600 towards the purchase of a smart phone for the differen

Digicel Trinidad launching eSIM tomorrow (25 Nov 2022)

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a post stating that according to a leaked memo we will see eSIM launched by Digicel tomorrow eSIM is a chip embedded in your mobile phone rather than a physical removable plastic piece that we currently use in Trinidad. The US version of the iPhone 14 only supports eSIMs and locals are used to ordering their iPhones from the US. Hopefully this spurs on bmobile to quickly follow. A search on Digicel's website lead me to this article that gives official information such as "eSIMs will officially launch on 25th November, 2022." Check to see if your phone is supported and decide if you want to switch

ARTificial Intelligence

Illustration I created called "ARTificial Intelligence". Brain has AI in it. Nail has AI in it. Shows a hammer hitting a nail on the head to make my point. Brain is in head. Entry in this contest .