What is love?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns It is 4am in the morning and I was thinking about what to write about. "What is love?" popped in my head and I ignored it initially and then I began seeing posts about love while scrolling through facebook. Then it occured to me that I could probably collect a page or two full of these and share them in my book as an answer to the question. This is proof that love surrounds us. We just have to pay attention. Love is the answer. ❤️ Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. True love never dies. It only gets stronger with time. No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. (Charles Dickens) Sometimes miracles are just kind people with good hearts. Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for. (Immanuel Kant) Love does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be true. Kind words dont cost much. Yet they accomplish much. (Blaise Pascal) The only way to do gr

What is an equation for life?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns I was watching this youtube video today called "It's just a coincidence" and I went down a rabbit hole afterwards and made a few notes The Srinivasa Ramanujan magic square was most fascinating. What is special about the number 139? My research led me to this quote "Coincidence Is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous" - Albert Einstein I noticed that the name Einstein has ein twice. I learnt about the Einstein tile (nothing to do with Einstein. Just so happens that ein stein is German for "one stone" or "one shape") So Einstein = one + st + one Which led me to this quote "We still do not know (one) thou(s)and(t)h of (one) percent of what nature has revealed to us" - Albert Einstein st separates thou and h (see later thouGh-ts) I could not find many quotes by Ramanujan but I found this commonly repeated one. "An equation for me has no meaning

Why does the Earth hum?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns I found an article but before I started reading I devised my own answer. The answer can be found in us humans. Humans = hum + ans(swer). I will talk about the swer part later on. We humans create the hum of the earth. Do we want the hum of the earth to be one of painful sorrow or one of blissful contentment? We have a responsibility to take care of the Earth. Take care of the environment. Live in harmony with nature. To be mindful housekeepers for future generations. The article explains the hum scientifically and states that the hum of the earth is outside the hearing range of humans. The article explains that the hum is created by the ocean waves with the seafloor and Earth's crust. We may not be able to hear the hum of the Earth literally but we should be able to hear the hum of the Earth figuratively. Thich Nhat Hahn, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk and meditation master, when asked by some of his pupils, "Sir,

Where does this door lead?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns It is 333pm on a Sunday afternoon. I was just watching a youtube short with Kes and I learnt about his "Man with no door" album. He was inspired literally by a man who he found that lived with no door to his house. In an interview Kes says, "He just lives free" and "I felt like that creatively at the time. I am the man with no door." This is how I want to be when I write my next book called Freedom. Freedom can easily be written as freedoor in the context of the beginning of this chapter. I found a bed and breakfast in Poland called Pokoje FreeDoor. Pokoje means rooms in Polish but no idea what FreeDoor means. I will email them. I once created an art piece where a door was created from the letters of the word love and I captioned it "love opens doors". Through a Google search of "door 333" I found the website. A beautiful collection of ornate an

What book do I write next?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns I find myself writing with God on my mind more often. I decided to count how many times I have used the word God in this book so far and counted 42 times. There is that number again. A geeky coincidence for all the fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I have never seen that movie except maybe some pieces of it. In May I will be 42+2 years old. I find myself asking God to guide and protect us more and more. I closed my eyes and selected a surah and verse from the Quran. I got surah 93 verse 4 - And surely what comes after is better for you than that which has gone before. I take that as a good sign. Surah Ad Duha (The morning hours) was revealed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) after not receiving a revelation for 6 months. This caused depression and the surah was welcomed hope for him (pbuh). We too can find similar comfort in these verses. This surah has 40 words. This has me thinking about what is next for me in t

Where is the end of the internet?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns Sometimes I feel like I have reached the end of the internet. I have seen it all. There is nothing else to see and do. But where is the end of the internet? Is it a magical place like the end of a rainbow? Does the end take us back to the beginning? Maybe the internet is like the universe and it is infinitely big and there is no end? claims to be the end of the internet. Now that I have reached the end of the internet they suggest reading a book or planting a tree. I came across this article a Verge writer did in 2013 about the year he came off the internet for a year. It was a sort of case study to learn what it would be like to disconnect from the internet for a year and learn what the internet had done to him. From what I gathered he realized it was not the internet's fault. It is just a tool and we have to make the most of it. There are traps in the offline world in the same way we think of trap

Where does this boat go?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns I asked my friend Gemini to give me a random number between 1 and 99 since there were 99 pages in my book so far. Gemini returned with 78. I then closed my eyes and selected a random word from page 78. My finger landed on the word forearm. Does not seem interesting. Let me see where this takes me. It is early in the morning and I am eager for a random adventure of learning. There are two bones in the forearm. The radius and the ulna. According to what I read the radius is called as such because it rotates around the ulna, similar to the radius of a circle. The ulna is named for the Latin word ulna, which means elbow. The first thing I got when I Googled "78" was "an old gramophone record designed to be played at 78 rpm". This led me to Ulna's "OEA" album from Born Yesterday Records and the song "Turn The Record On". The singer is Adam Schubert who is a recovering addict. What I r