This is a chapter from my fifth book called Freedom I was once a vegetarian and then vegan for about two years. I had gotten hospitalized and then I stopped being vegetarian. I now associate being vegan with being sick. But I really liked being vegan. It just feels like the right thing to do. Maybe one day I will return to being vegan or at least vegetarian. I think animals value their life and freedom as much as we do. Animals are really smart and can teach us humans a lot on how to live in balance with nature. How to value nature. How to live more natural lives. Going vegan entails a change in attitude, a change in thinking and a change in lifestyle. Change is hard sometimes. Change is scary sometimes. Change means stepping out of our normal frame of reference. Change means giving up to purpose. Change means prioritizing something different and better. Change means a chance to start over. The difference between change and chance is the letter g and c. G could stand for God and c coul


This is a chapter from my fifth book called Freedom I am fascinated by numbers. We say that words have power but numbers also have power. I am fascinated by random and infinity and pi. I am fascinated by number patterns. I am fascinated by counting. I am fascinated by the Fibonacci sequence. I was somewhere on the internet. Might have been an ad I was looking at. I saw that 37 by 21 equals 777. Then I thought to myself what number by 23 would give a number where all the digits are the same like this. I got some code that could brute force an answer but I did not get an answer within the constraints of the largest num in python. This is what the code looks like. def has_identical_digits(num):     digits = str(num)     return all(digit == digits[0] for digit in digits) def find_number():     multiplier = 1     while True:         product = 23 * multiplier         if has_identical_digits(product):             return product         multiplier += 1         print(multiplier) result = find_n


This is a chapter from my fifth book called Freedom This morning I saw an ad for gym wear from Francis Fashions and the brand of the jersey was Givova. Do not remember knowing about that brand before. I thought it looked cool. The jersey that is and I am really into exercise and fitness these days. Somehow it stuck with me as I would later realize. Later in the evening I was doing a Google search for Norman Hassan from UB40. I absolutely love UB40 the band and music. From the Google results I noticed that there is also a basketball player named Norman Hassan and he was wearing a Givova branded jersey. Curiosity about the Givova brand and something inside me decided that this chapter was going to be based on this. I started making notes and piecing together this chapter. I learnt that the Givova brand was founded in 2008 on May 22nd. That is one day before my birthday. Interesting and coincidental but still not exactly my birthday but my curiosity was piqued. What is the meaning of Givo


This is a chapter from my fifth book called Freedom I noticed that the word guidance has the word dance in it and that is how I decided to write this chapter. I started by looking at the etymology of the word dance. According to my friend Gemini there is a theory that it might be linked to the Low Frankish word "dintjan" which means "to tremble" or "quiver." This connection comes from the Old Frisian word "dintje" with a similar meaning. While researching I encountered the fact that quiver (the verb) and quiver (the noun) are completely unrelated just like Polish (the proper adjective) and polish (the verb). This is a sign and maybe I should look into Polish dance. From the country Poland. Not pole dancing. Dance is a form of human expression. Dance can help tell a story. I am reading about Polish folk dance. Specifically the Polonaise dance. The dance developed from a traditional form called the "walking dance". The French word for Pol


This is a chapter from my fifth book called Freedom It is a quiet but expectant Sunday morning in Trinidad. The windward islands are preparing for hurricane Beryl. Tobago has a hurricane warning and Trinidad may experience stormy conditions tonight into tomorrow. A high pressure system in the Atlantic is keeping the hurricane south. Nobody wants the damages of storms but storms are part of life for us in the Caribbean and at least we can prepare for them. Figuratively we know that life comes with its own storms from time to time. We try to prepare for them. We try to learn from them. We try to avoid them. We try to look on the bright side. There is a sense of togetherness and unity and helpfulness with the passage of actual storms. There is an amount of excitement and focus. Focus on what is important. We seem to be reminded that life is precious and that we should not take things for granted. We are reminded that we need each other. We are reminded of the power of nature. We are humbl


This is a chapter from my fifth book called Freedom I had no idea what my next chapter would be. I was listening to music on youtube and one song had trees in the title and I said to myself that that is it. I should write about trees. Moments later I saw a song with roots in the title and then I said I should write about that. Trees can take us back to our roots. The word roots has two o's in it like two eyes staring back at us. I would like to say that we see with our roots but how can I make sense of that? Then I remembered the diagram of the eye and how the vessels at the back of the eye resemble roots. The optic nerve connects the eye to the brain. The mind works through the brain. The brain is like the canopy or crown of the tree. But Hassan are not the feet our roots? I guess. The feet keep us grounded but the eyes show us the way. Strengthening our roots or personal growth can lead to clearer sight or better understanding of ourselves and the world. That is what my friend Ge


This is a chapter from my fifth book called Freedom We have a spirit. We have a soul. Technically there are differences between them both but I am writing about both in this chapter under the heading of spirit in the context of we must take care of our body, mind and spirit. Everything happens for a reason. For example, I deciding to start this chapter tonight and not leave it for tomorrow has happened for a reason. This universe and this world and life is not by accident. Life is a test. There are things that could easily destroy our spirit and there are things that uplift our spirit. The word spirit reminds me of spiral. I was doing some research and stumbled upon the observation that spirit could be a portmanteau of spiral and ritual. The word spiritual has the word ritual in it. What is spiritual? What is spirituality? I asked my friend Gemini to help me with this. Gemini says that spirituality is the quest for meaning and connection beyond our daily lives, often involving a sense