An example of getting started with 11ty in Termux

The first thing I did was watch some youtubes on static site generators and then I decided on one. I chose 11ty because it popular now and it is highly configurable with minimal opinions. I followed the instructuons from the Getting started guide You must use the Termux builtin storage and not shared Android storage because 11ty node install uses symlinks. Let me know if there is a way to circumvent this. It would be nice to use my android editor apps instead of vim. I removed index.html I removed Created this file structure I used python to create my poems.json file from a poem.dat file that was exported from Google Keep and @ prefixed to each title Make sure the field used for pagination is unique. I had 3 duplicates that I manually fixed but I will change my python code to include index in the json. The two main things I learnt was creating pagination in nunjucks and looping

My Interview with Inshan Meahjohn, newly appointed CEO of iGovTT

I would like to thank iGovTT and the CEO, Mr. Inshan Meahjohn for facilitating this emailed interview for the benefit of readers and the public. Please share with your circles. 1. Tell us about yourself and your role at iGovTT? As the newly appointed CEO at iGovTT, I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute my expertise and experience gained over 22 years in various sectors, including business, government, and non-profits. My background has allowed me to gain valuable insights and a deep appreciation for growth, innovation, and societal upliftment. Having pursued education at esteemed institutions such as the University of Glamorgan and the Australian Institute of Business, I am humbled to be part of iGovTT, where my aim is to facilitate remarkable progress and digital transformation in information and communication technology in Trinidad and Tobago. I approach my role with enthusiasm and dedication, recognizing that the journey towards growth and innovation requires a collective

Feedback on the National Digital Strategy Consultation Document for Trinidad and Tobago

Check out my youtube video also. The National Digital Strategy Consultation Document is on . Before I continue ... My one main wish at this point is that they respond to their emails. I got feedback from one other person that they didn't respond to his email. I thought maybe they don't like me. I have tons more questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, solutions ... but I can't send them to the Ministry because I don't know what is happening on their end. Here are my takeaways from the national digital strategy Enhance our quality of life - I would like to see about 50 concrete examples showing us where this is going to happen. Examples are a good way for the man on the street to digest what is happening and to get buy-in from the citizenry. Collaborative input and people engagement - I don't believe them and this is based on my experience. Maybe your experience would be different. Affordable technology - I would like to see ISPs mandated to pro

It gets better

The below is a chapter from My First Book - A journey of discovery and learning

Art peace

The below is a chapter from My First Book - A journey of discovery and learning

Trinidad and Tobago bmobile Go App Review - for topup, bill payment, support, short codes and more

Link to youtube video Transcript : The bmobileGo app was launched today. I saw an ad for it in the Guardian newspapers. It is available for Android and Apple devices. Their website has listed the functionality of the app. I am a prepaid customer so topup is the most useful feature to me. The website also lists the benefits as they see it. Convenient. Reliable. User- friendly. 24/7 Access. I installed the app but was not able to create an account because I was not receiving the OTP code. I dont know the reason why the app is not sending me an OTP code but I hope the app was properly tested. I was able to sign in with my Google account. I tried the prepaid topup using my scotia visa debit card and that was successful. I like the quick codes feature. The find a store feature is also useful. No mobile data required to use the app. I wish I also had the option to purchase topup from online banking. I wish the chat feature was within the app. Chat was not availa

Soften my heart

It is Eid day in Trinidad this week. It is the culmination of a month of fasting for Muslims. For me it was a month to work on myself and become closer to God. I had to ask myself some questions. One question was what do I want to achieve? The main thing is that I want to soften my heart. I want to be more patient. More kind. More loving. More understanding. More gentle. I think my faith is pretty strong but I need to practice more. I feel lucky to live in Trinidad and Tobago where there is religious tolerance. I respect everyones choices and beliefs and I like that we can live in harmony. We celebrate together. We share in sawine and food and greetings. We can learn from each other. Fasting is not only about staying away from food and drink. Fasting is also about staying away from wrong doing. Fasting is about understanding how others feel. Not everyone may be as fortunate as us. Fasting is about softening our hearts. Fasting is about giving charity. Fasting is about forgiving and ask