Web Developer

I am a web developer and coder from Trinidad and Tobago and I like to build stuff. This is my projects page where I highlight what I am doing. My resume is here.

Recent technologies that I worked with

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, UIKit, Siimple, Apify, Heroku, Firebase, NodeJS, SQL, Middleman, C#, Git, Github, PHP, Wordpress, ASP.Net, SendGrid, Google Sites, Hugo

Some projects I worked on

  • Select a country from a map and see what the entry and visa requirements are for Trinidadians
  • Display map of Trinidad with temp readings from MET Office website
  • Develop queries based on results data from lotto website
  • Tweet reminder for 5 times daily prayers, data scraped from website
  • Show real-time subscriber count for selected channel
  • Form to email demo using SendGrid
  • Full screen content slider for this website

The plan

  • Write more coding related blog posts
  • Share my code on Github
  • Get suggestions from you on what you want to see coded
  • Try different and new technologies
  • Be more active on StackOverflow
  • Contribute to a small open source project
  • Work on a volunteer project
  • Make youtube coding related tutorials
  • Eat pizza and drink drinks and also booza ice cream
  • Add more things to this list


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