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Trinidad and Tobago as the ICT hub of the Caribbean

I came across an email I sent in 2014 to the Ministry of Planning. I had questions based on the following headline I had come across, "US$20m loan to make T&T regional ICT hub". I didn't receive answers to my questions in that email and I even sent another follow up to that email 7 years later today. The question I now have is what became of that loan and what became of that plan? These were the questions I sent then What is an ICT HUB? What are benefits of an ICT Hub? Are there examples of other ICT Hubs around the world that we can look to? What is the timeframe for creation of the ICT Hub? Can you share some specifics about our to be ICT Hub? Anything else that needs to be known about the ICT Hub? Reading the article now, I see that the hub was related to our  Global IT enabled Services project . So basically we were going to develop the skills needed to provide IT services on a global level. To my knowledge some examples of ITeS include helpdesk, back office, dat