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Proposed Ministry of Technology and Records in Trinidad and Tobago

It is being reported in todays Newsday that PM Rowley is proposing a Ministry of Technology and Records if the PNM return to government after our August 10th elections. I have seen no similar proposal from the UNC. They do have a digital economy component of their 2020 Economic masterplan though. I messaged them on facebook and asked, "Hi. Is a UNC goverment going to create a Ministry of Technology?". I will update this blog post if I get a response. We did have a Ministry of Science, Technology & Tertiary Education but focus on tech was hugely lost in the combination.
We in Trinidad and Tobago desperately need a dedicated Ministry of Technology. Technology needs representation and focus at the highest level. As important is a tech savvy and passionate minister. Someone who lives and eats technology. Someone who understands the different areas of tech. Someone who can build a website, build a custom PC, troubleshoot tech problems, understands the latest tech trends, under…