Spotify available in Trinidad and Tobago and my review

Earlier in the day, for the Spotify app, the app store said your device is not compatible with this version. For Spotify Lite and, I was greeted with not available in your country.

When I tried again in the afternoon I was able to sign up at and install the Spotify app from the Google Play store. Before this rollout trinis would have to use a VPN to get access to spotify.

The free tier of spotify is limited in features, contains ads and audio quality is less. Premium plan costs US 5.99 per month.

I enjoyed using the Spotify app. Clean and simple UI and intuitive UX. I am not bothered by the lesser audio quality in the free tier. I am a light user and I can see how a heavy user would be compelled to go premium. In the future I could compare Spotify to some of the alternatives.

Some comments from searching "spotify trinidad" on twitter

Spotify is out in Trinidad boys and girls! GO GET THE APP, SIGN UP AND USE IT. Honestly the best app for streaming music imo. GO GO GO GO @KingDzx

Seeing Spotify is officially in Trinidad I hope the HiFi subscription would be available here as well @reganten


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