Big Data in Trinidad and Tobago

What is big data? Big data is dealing with huge data sets to perform analysis and possibly act on this. I don't hear much about big data in Trinidad and Tobago. For me one of the best ways to explain big data and get buy in would be to provide examples of how big data can be used locally. I contacted CSO and iGovTT to get their input on the subject but did not get replies. I posed a question on reddit if you want to give your input - Describe uses for big data in TT? Where do you see big data can make a difference?

In 2020 the UN in Trinidad and Tobago organised a big data forum

Below are some examples of how Big Data can be used in Trinidad and Tobago. Some of the examples have come from Anand Maraj, Development Coordination Officer, UN Trinidad and Tobago

Monitoring food prices - Ministry of Consumer Affairs - when and where has good prices

Collecting tourist data - Ministry of Tourism - Targeted marketing of tourists

Analysis of health records - Ministry of Health - focus areas for health education drives

Analysis of student learning - Ministry of Education - what kind of teaching is producing good results

Big data in weather forecasting - MET Office - reduce effects of bad weather

Analysis of census data and traffic data in road and infrastructure planning

Data from social workers - Social Services - where the major needs exist


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