Proposed Ministry of Technology and Records in Trinidad and Tobago

It is being reported in todays Newsday that PM Rowley is proposing a Ministry of Technology and Records if the PNM return to government after our August 10th elections. I have seen no similar proposal from the UNC. They do have a digital economy component of their 2020 Economic masterplan though. I messaged them on facebook and asked, "Hi. Is a UNC goverment going to create a Ministry of Technology?". I will update this blog post if I get a response. We did have a Ministry of Science, Technology & Tertiary Education but focus on tech was hugely lost in the combination.

We in Trinidad and Tobago desperately need a dedicated Ministry of Technology. Technology needs representation and focus at the highest level. As important is a tech savvy and passionate minister. Someone who lives and eats technology. Someone who understands the different areas of tech. Someone who can build a website, build a custom PC, troubleshoot tech problems, understands the latest tech trends, understands the tech jargon, and the likes.

The media, newspapers and tech blogs should have no shortage of country tech news to report on coming from the minister and ministry. Tech would become a mandatory subject in school just like Maths and English. The beginnings of a local technology revolution would be taking place. Remote work would be the new normal.

I do have a problem with the suggested name for the ministry. Digital records are important and useful but plenty important are workflows or processes. If there must be an "and" in the name I would suggest Ministry of Technology and Workflows. Nonetheless the idea of a Ministry of Technology makes me beam from ear to ear.


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