Understanding Digital Transformation in Trinidad and Tobago

What is digital transformation? To me, digital transformation means using technology to improve or transform the way things are done. Why change? Because of the problems, issues, pain points, however you choose to describe these, with how things are currently working. Why technology? Because technology has proven to be an enabler of transformation in the past and in other jurisdictions.

When I Google "why technology transformation" one of the top results was this article, Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology. What I took from this was that technology is just the enabler. Technology is just the tool. We have to do a lot of non technology work to bring about digital transformation. One of the things the article pointed to was having the right mindset and practices. So while we put things online and digitise records we should be reviewing the data that is captured, the workflows involved and the reasons for being.

Transformations can be hard work and then there are no guarantees to success. Things could be made worst if not done correctly. Then what can we learn from others? What are some of the success factors? Things that can give us a better chance at being successful with digital transformation. I would say leadership is very important. Consultation is also very important. Who are the stakeholders? What is their feedback? Proper communication is needed. Persons should be clear about what is happening and what their roles are.

I take my role as a citizen and technology blogger seriously and passionately. I am easy to contact and get feedback from. One of the first things I have done is contact the newly renamed ministry of public admin and digital transformation with my questions. If and when I get some answers I will update this blog post with a link to those answers. While digital transformation happens at the country level start thinking about digital transformation within your spheres of being. What can be done differently at home and in your business?


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