Workflows are everywhere

What is a workflow? A workflow is a group of tasks to get a job done. In our digital world this consists of data processing. Workflows are everywhere. The government in Trinidad and Tobago would benefit greatly from investing in a workflow platform to create and manage workflows.

Early in my career I had the opportunity to work with what was then IBM's Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is all about documents and workflows. Some of the components of a workflow include documents, sections and fields, users, roles and access, views, actions, agents and notifications. I found Lotus Notes had the tools and features to be easy to use and allowed me to create and manage many workflows quickly.

And that to me would be the selling point of a workflow platform, speed, efficiency and ease of use. Of course the different platforms would have to be evaluated to determine best fit based on budget and needs among other things. We could build our own platform. That is a serious consideration and an opportunity for our local developers. There are several free and open source options as well. Another term used is workflow management system.

I know that Crimson Logic does work with the government and in process automation. I vaguely remember a post about workflows. I contacted them on linkedin with the following question, "Hi. Do you have workflow management system? And is this being offered to the govt of Trinidad and Tobago?" Also sent an email to a press contact, "Hi. Has Crimson Logic offered the government of Trinidad and Tobago a workflow platform? I vaguely remember reading about this." Then I contacted Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation, "Hi. Does the government utilise any workflow management systems?" Will update this post with any useful replies.


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