Girls in ICT Day Trinidad and Tobago

Girls in ICT Day is an annual world event to encourage girls to consider careers and studies in ICT. This takes aim at the gender digital divide and we should be looking at what limiting factors there are. What else besides encouragement is needed?

I did some research and came up with some things that are needed. More female role models and mentors in ICT, access to internet and digital tools, dealing with gender issues like poverty and education access, more women in leadership and decision making, more research and action planning related to the problem of girls in ICT.

In my view tech smarts is just as important as street smarts. I want to see tech as a core subject just like Maths and English. Most jobs these days require digital skills. Digital literacy is just as important as traditional literacy in this tech focused world that we now live in. Look at how much emphasis is being placed on using tech to get by during this pandemic lockdown. The side effect of tech as a core subject would be more girls in ICT at early stages.

What is being done locally and regionally for this event? I see some local companies are spreading the message on their social media. CARICOM is having a digital dialogue event. Caribbean Girls Hack is having their virtual event. Digicel is having an e-mentorship event. The media and including myself is writing about it.

I am happy to see that we are participating and recognising that we can make a difference. We all win when each of us wins. I would like to end by acknowledging my secondary school (St Marys College) Computer Science teachers who were females. And this was back in the days when tech was an emerging area. Let's all acknowledge the girls in tech. Your contributions are valuable and needed and we appreciate you.


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