5 Things from our National ICT Plan Trinidad and Tobago

Today I decided to revisit our national ICT plan. I like action items, due dates and responsible person. It is easy to visualise what is going to be done. There are no due dates in the plan but there is a programmes and projects listing that identifies the strategy, programme / project, and driving agency.

I have picked out 5 things that catches my attention and that I will follow up with the driving agency to see where this has reached. I encourage you to also look at the plan and see what you can make of it, especially if you are working in tech.


Under headline targets, there is an item for, 50,000 users participate in eForums moderated by Government. There is no entry in the programmes and projects listing. I messaged iGovTT on facebook about this. I imagine this to be very useful and a good way of having discussion and getting feedback.

Net neutrality

The global hype around net neutrality has subsided but that does not take away from its importance. I support net neutrality. Net neutrality means there is no discrimination by ISPs for internet traffic and users. The plan states that, net neutrality is based on the principle of an open and indiscriminate network. I have contacted TATT via email to ask, what is Trinidad and Tobago's position on net neutrality and what actions has and will be taken on the issue?

IPv6 adoption

Internet facing devices have a unique IP address. The current format is limited and we are dealing with IPv4 address exhaustion and hence the push to move to IPv6. ISPs, networks, devices and software have to work together to support this new protocol. Akamai has a ranking, IPv6 adoption by country and Trinidad and Tobago is ranked 34th with 23%. I have contacted TATT via email to ask, what are we doing wrt IPv6 adoption in Trinidad and Tobago?

Management of cctld

ccTLD stands for country code top level domain. For example .tt is the ccTLD for Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, if you want to register a .tt domain name you have to go through, nic.tt. In the past the complaints were pricing, payment options and online management options. I see they now support credit card payments. The plan states, The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has determined that a more inclusive governance structure should be established for the management of this country code resource. This is also assigned to TATT and I have contacted via email to ask, what progress has been made?

Teleworking policy

My favourite item of them all. Work from home options and policy. This current pandemic and lockdown has shown us the possibilities, benefits, usefulness and need for work from home. Check out my previous blog post, How you can convince your boss to work from home? This was assigned to Ministry of Public Administration and I have asked on their facebook, what progress has been made with the teleworking policy?


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