Dreaming of Tobago

The TTAL (Tobago Tourism Agency Limited) has launched their #DreamingOfTobago campaign. We are being encouraged to share our memories and dreams of Tobago until we can travel again, using that hashtag. What does Tobago mean to me? For me Tobago is a getaway. A vacation. A time to relax. A reason to let go of my problems and worries. A time to reflect. A time to dream of a good future.

When I was an office worker, I would look forward to taking vacation and taking the ferry to Tobago. The ferry is less expensive than taking the plane and is an adventure in itself. As the ferry departs we see the waterfront cityscape and the port area then through the bocas passage. The 3 hour ferry ride is enough time to listen to music, eat some good food, take a nap, and write a blog post.

Walking is my favourite thing to do. When I stayed in my uncle's place in Sou Sou lands, I would get up as soon as the sun started and I set out to walk. My walking has taken me to Crown Point, Grange Bay, Little Rockly Bay, Lowlands and Tobago Plantations. The smell of greenery, the sounds of birds, the feel of cool morning breezes, the taste of fresh mango, the sight of swaying coconut trees, are the memories that remains with me.

Where my feet cannot take me, the buses and taxis can. The two hour bus ride to Charlotteville is filled with winding roadway and mountain views of the sea. The bus is air conditioned and comfortable and costs only 8 dollars one way. I have been on most of the bus routes. Some of these are Plymouth, Black Rock, Mason Hall, Lans Formi, Montgomery and Crown Point.

Tobago is filled with places to see, things to do, and food to try. Maybe you want to stay indoors and read a good book. Maybe you want to go to the movies. Maybe you want to bird watch. There is something for you and me in Tobago. We are sharing our paradise with the rest of the world. I am dreaming of lounging on Pigeon Point beach listening to steel pan music. What are you dreaming of?


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