My Roadmap to Recovery submissions

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Enabling Environment/Recommendation

I would like to see "work from home" become the new normal. The excuse the ministry told me in the past was, this is not policy and there is nothing we can do. Look how quickly things were put in place for work from home during the lockdown. We really had no excuses. There are many benefits for "work from home".


Have we considered the benefits of smart farming? What components of smart farming can we use? Let research staff at Min of Agriculture tell us where tech can be used in agriculture.

Other/Assistance & Donor Support

We could develop an easy text to donate system. This would be very accessible. NGOs sign up and are vetted and given a code that the public can text to. Charity is vital in times of recovery.

Other/International Technical Cooperation

We are currently working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I am thinking that these goals like goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth would be linked to our recovery planning. The UN has also set out a COVID-19 social and economic recovery plan and framework. Let's learn from this and also what other countries are doing.

Other/Programmes & Activities

Grants and support for tech startups. Tech is needed everywhere. Tech is core to diversification. Economic recovery is related to finding efficiencies and tech is a tool for making things efficient. Tech has been pivotal during the lockdown. Let's use this as a wake up call.


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