EmployTT is now live

EmployTT was a category at the inaugural HackTT competition in 2019. A team of developers from UTT came first in that category. iGovTT has since developed EmployTT and hopefully this new EmployTT website fares better than the shuttered GHRS and website which functioned in the same space. We knew it was coming and May last year I asked them to get more info about it.

Jan 18 2021 iGovTT put a coming soon on their socials which piqued my interest and I was ready to test it out and blog about it. Only today I saw the website was launched at https://employtt.gov.tt/

The ad says, easy, convenient and secure. I question the quality assurance on this one as there was lorem ipsum text on the about page at time of launch. Notifications from the system are not encrypted and says smtp10.gov.tt did not encrypt this message. The website provides very basic functionality.

I applaud them for getting started and I am really hoping for improvements over time. With feedback from us and them being open to feedback I can see this improving and doing well. They should add a give us feedback button. Focus groups and some independent testers and code reviewers will also help.

I would say that yes it is easy to use. I would say that it is not convenient because there are no job alerts or detailed profile or saved resume option. I question security because I get the feeling that not much good testing was done and unencrypted email is a big no no. There were bugs encountered where the page would be blank or the fields would be blank and the page had to be refreshed.

builtwith.com is reporting that the tech is React app on Apache web server on Unix. The homepage gets a B grade and loads in 5.94s from the speedtest from tools.pingdom.com.


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