Huawei IdeaHub rollout to schools in Trinidad and Tobago

I was browsing youtube and came across a newsclip about the launch of the Huawei IdeaHub rollout to select schools in Trinidad and Tobago. My interest was piqued and I quickly contacted the local agency that handles Huawei's public relations. I asked for any press release they had. I was going to learn as much as I can, ask questions and write this blog post. I am a big supporter for tech in education.

What is the IdeaHub? It is an interactive electronic whiteboard with video conferencing capability. According to the IdeaHub website, innovative intelligent writing recognition automatically identifies words, figures, and flowcharts. The board will allow students to connect and share their screen. There are third party software designed for interactive whiteboards where you can perform quizzes for example.

The board can be used for online classes if the teacher is willing to work from school rather than home. But soon enough we would be returning to school in classrooms and these boards would be a useful addition. I would have liked to see a hybrid approach where students are given the option of remote learning.

At one point in time Samsung was building out smart classrooms in Trinidad and Tobago. Hopefully we see more of these types of partnerships and experiments with technology in the classroom and in education.

*These are also being given to government to help towards digital government and digital transformation. A presentation was made for this on the 17 March 2022.


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