Republic Bank Online Upgrade Launch

A lot of persons are having problems with the upgraded republic bank online website and app. Last I checked there were 2500 comments on their facebook post and if you search republic bank or @republicbanktt on twitter you will see more complaints over there. I worked in IT and I feel for the workers. I also feel for the customers because I am also affected. At this point I am thinking what can we learn from this? These are the questions I have.

  • Could they have done a parallel and phased rollout?
  • Could they provide a toll free support number?
  • Why not implement a ticketing system to deal with support requests?
  • Could they be more timely with social media updates?
  • Why were special characters removed from the password field?
  • Is secret answer something new?
  • Is a mobile app necessary if it is just a mobile website in a container?
  • Could this have been done in the middle of the month when bills are paid already and there is I assume less activity?
  • Why not allow something like Google Authenticator app instead of SMS where charges apply?

What about expectations. A huge and profitable bank should be in a better position wrt to a systems upgrade. How does this affect confidence level among customers? Is the system going to periodically glitch in the future? Is this properly tested and secure? All is not problems though because I am seeing 5 star ratings in the app store for SOME customers who had no problems logging in and who are liking the new look and feel. I am telling myself that the problems that I am having will be resolved shortly, this is a test of my patience and that it is not the end of the world.


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