What would I do with a million dollars?

It has been raining plentiful this morning. I got wet in the rain going for doubles. As the rain pounds on the roof, I am asking myself, what would I do with a million dollars? If I had a million dollars to spend my main aim would be to make good use and improve my life and the life of others. It takes money to make money so I would want to invest. Of course I would want to save for a rainy day.

A portion of money will go to charities. It feels good to give back and it is the right and good thing to do. Pay it forward. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Charities that help poor families with food and shelter. Charities that take care of the environment. Charities that save animals. I would want to make the world a better place for us and future generations.

A portion of money will go towards home improvement. The house needs plastering on the outside. The area under the shed needs paving. A washer and dryer on the inside. A nice cupboard area to keep the kitchen neat. There are things around the home that need improving. These home improvements will make living more comfortable. Happy home and happy life.

I have to create a new youtuber setup. It will follow the wishlist I created in 2020. I love creating youtube videos. I love blogging. I love creating content. A proper setup and good equipment will help with this. I will be encouraged to create better and more content.

My health is my wealth. So I will invest considerably in living a healthier lifestyle. Supplements, healthy foods, exercise equipment, consultations and the likes. I always wanted to own a good threadmill. I love walking and would love to own a few pairs of good sneakers. I would need to adopt a holistic approach where I take care of the mind, body and spirit and I would spend money in that context.


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