CARICOM Single ICT Space

Talk about a CARICOM Single ICT Space has been around for some years now. I did a question and answer with CARICOM for my blog for this back in March 2017. The CARICOM Single ICT Space is an ecosystem of regionally harmonised ICT policies, legislation, regulations, technical standards, best practices, networks and services.

It is needed for the betterment and development of Caribbean citizens through technology and integration. The region is stronger together. We have similar needs and we understand each other. The single ICT space will advance the CARICOM digital agenda. The Grenada PM, Dr Keith Mitchell, thinks that without this single ICT space we will be replicating efforts and wasting valuable resources. We have to be agile, lean and collaborative to get ahead with digital transformation.

Some of the benefits include providing digital support for the CSME and support for the realisation of the CARICOM digital economy; Facilitating collaboration and sharing of resources; Enhancing regional trade, innovation, competitiveness and citizen welfare; Ubiquity and consistency of ICT services across CARICOM at affordable prices to citizens; Entrepreneur development, innovation and advancement.

This is what it looks like to me, an idea, some meetings and some documents but little else to show. Why is it taking so long to implement? When I did my blog post in 2017 one of the challenges identified was having enough resources to implement the various activities. I think we need a project manager and a public list of action items, due dates and responsible persons. Let's make persons accountable. Another thing, I think not enough is being done to publicise what the single ICT space is and what are the benefits. By now there should have been a website, social media and online presence for this project. Once persons realise how important and beneficial this will be, they will demand it from the powers that be. Share my blog post and let us get people talking about the CARICOM Single ICT Space.

As usual I contacted the Ministry of Digital Transformation to get their input. I also emailed my contacts at CARICOM to get their input. What questions do you have? What are your concerns? Do you see this benefitting you? Let me know in the comments.


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