I watched an Apple Event

Waiting on lunch to be delivered at 1 pm and decided I should tune in to the Apple event today. I don't think I have ever watched an Apple event. There was a time when the Apple event streams were only available to watch from Apple devices. I went to youtube and searched for "apple event" and saw an upcoming stream for 2 pm. I clicked set reminder and that was that.

Earlier in the day I remember responding to a tweet about what it would take to make me switch from Android to iPhone and my answer was, a budget iphone model. I need the cheapest iphone ever. Can they make an iphone model for TT$800 ( that is roughly US$120)? I think they can but they wouldn't want to. I think that would greatly improve their market share and bring more customers who could eventually upgrade to pricier models.

I am now browsing the #AppleEvent hashtag on twitter to get what the buzz surrounding the event is about. Lots of leaks and speculation. One tweet suggested a green iPhone will be announced. Another person thinks Macbook Air with M2 chip. The tagline for this event is peek performance. Someone tweeted that they were excited for the new Mac Studio.

There was a time where I strickly preferred Windows, Linux and Android but now I am open to the Apple ecosystem. If I could afford it (probably not and why I am sticking) my next devices would be Apple. I want to create an office space to do some serious blogging and youtubes. I look forward to seeing what is unveiled and what would fit in my office space.

There were more than 726,000 persons watching the youtube live stream. Tim Cook started the show in his usual casual attire. The commentary on twitter hashtag #AppleEvent kept me interested. After 15 minutes I couldn't say that anything wowed me. Basically we are going to upgrade the specs and software. Words like powerful, fantastic, new, amazing, faster and incredible were common place. I do like the Studio very much. Perfect for my office setup. I like that they are paying attention to being environmentally friendly. With the prices though you would not be making a purchase but an investment.


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