The Ministry of Digital Transformation Trinidad and Tobago Website is live

Update 6 Apr 2022 - A full website has replaced the landing page. My main gripe so far is no RSS feed especially for media and resources. A newsletter subscription could work.

I have been checking every morning for a few weeks now as I anticipated the website going live and I figure the url would be following how other ministry websites are named. I just checked and the website is live.

I am trying my best to keep up with all of the ministry. I have been following on facebook, twitter and youtube. I am a bit disappointed that it took so long to just be a landing page. Hopefully this is just a short time and that the full website comes in the next few days.

Also disappointed that it did not go live with https. Even static websites are supposed to be https as Google search uses this in their algorithm and Chrome browser flags all http websites as insecure. is listing cloudflare, apache and ubuntu for this website. The website is not indexed by Google as yet but will probably be picked up by the crawlers from this blog post. The source code is simple and clean. You can view source on mobile by prefixing url e.g. view-source: They should not allow directory listing though e.g. If I do a reverse IP lookup I get a hostname that also loads the website. That should redirect to the main domain name.

The telephone number in the footer should be clickable as a lot of persons will be using their mobile devices to view the website. I would love to review the full website so I can send them feedback. Anyone thinks the binary in the Trinidad and Tobago map has a hidden message in it? That would be pretty cool.

Link to screenshot of website in case the website or link changes.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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