Being a problem solver

We like to complain in Trinidad and Tobago. Seems to me like there is plenty more complaining than us finding and sharing solutions. Is our education system producing problem solvers? I have a background in tech and coding and I think everyone should learn to code. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying, "Everyone in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you to think." Employers often look for problem solvers.

I was once asked, "What's the best bit of advice you received since entering the world of IT?" My response was, something I came across on twitter, Dr Tariq Khokar advises developers to make something that people will miss if it went away. This was in his Caribbean Developer 2012 webinar. Chances are that if we are creating solutions then those solutions will be missed if they went away.

When I think about what I am doing with this local tech blog, I ask myself, what problem is my blog solving? There is a need for local content. There is a need for tech savvy citizens. Technology is everywhere now. We cannot live without technology. We need tech discourse and education. My blog informs and educates. I am one of the few tech bloggers in Trinidad and I think my blog will be missed if it went away. I have this unique style of content and delivery. I write so that even the man on the street can understand and benefit.

When we are creating solutions we should put ourselves in others shoes. We should feel their struggles. What about the phrases more money and more problems and first world problem. Maybe we are creating more problems with our wants versus our needs. We should be living within our means. Keep it simple. We should be looking at the root causes and keeping an open mind. Problems should be cleary defined. We should not forget that prevention is better than cure. Being proactive instead of being reactive is also key. We are often motivated by money and solving problems is profitable. Let us fix things today for a better tomorrow.


Chioke Evans said…
You're motivating me bro... Don't stop posting pls 🙏

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