Diversity of thought

My art piece "butterflies in my mind"

It is a comforting Saturday on the island. Plenty of thoughts are going through my beautiful mind. Reminds me of my art piece, "butterflies in my mind", that I have included in this blog post. I admire persons who talk their mind. I admire when persons are allowed to talk freely. It is nice when we are allowed to be ourselves. Otherwise it is a struggle. We have to navigate the agendas and biases and fit the moulds. It can feel like walking on eggshells. We have to tow the line.

I like to hear all sides. I promote diversity of thougth. We come from different backgrounds. We were dealt different cards. We experience life differently. We are varied perspectives. I want to encourage persons to share their ideas. Diversity of thought encourages creativity and solutions. Never think that your different is not welcomed and not needed. Great minds think differently.

I like this quote from Malcolm Forbes, "Diversity: the art of thinking independently together." At the end of the day, we need each other. We depend on each other. Our input matters. Sometimes I feel discouraged. Sometimes I feel misunderstood. Sometimes I feel like persons are just wanting me to fail. Not everyone is going to feel you and that is ok. Not everyone is going to value you and that is ok. That is diversity and we are free to like and dislike. We are free to encourage and criticise. I prefer constructive criticism though.

I know my goals. I know my intentions. I know my value. I am free to be the greatest. I will continue to share me. I will continue to contribute my thoughts. I will continue to think that I can make a difference. Trinidad and Tobago is a melting pot. In my recent youtube video I had to point out that not every trini is bubbly and outgoing. Some trinis are more quiet and awkward and that is ok. The doubles man tell me I could pass for a Spanish. I told him I have French and Portuguese and Indian in me. I am a pot of callaloo. We are diverse peoples. There is strength in diversity.


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