Twitter we love you. Please stay for us!

I started this blog post in my head on my way to the doubles man this morning. Twitter was trending on Twitter late into the night and this morning. Oh the irony. I was kept awake by the tweets and I went to sleep at about 2am. Many were left to wonder if this was going to be the end of Twitter. Twitter was bought by Elon Musk and some investors. Elon brings his style of control and his ideas. He promotes free speech and has been controversial in words and actions. Twitter has lost advertising revenue, cut staff and experimented with the verification badge, among other things.

Elon is one of the richest persons in the world and has had much success with his companies Tesla and Space X. Not everyone likes Elon. I have mixed feelings about Elon. I like that he speaks his mind, that he is open to challenges and that he is not afraid to experiment. On the other hand, I find that he should handle the employees at Twitter with care and that he should be open to criticism. I want him to succeed. I want Twitter to succeed.

Twitter is my favourite social media platform. Twitter is simple, real-time and minimalist. I enjoy following trending topics and being part of events through Twitter. I started using Twitter on MAR 19 2008 (14.67 years since). My first tweet was "Just because everyone else is doing it." Twitter was started in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. They gave themselves 2 weeks to develop an MVP. There is an early sketch of the Twitter idea on Jack's flickr.

Twitter gives us a voice. Twitter has brought the world together. The World Cup is starting on the weekend and Twitter will be the center of how many persons enjoy the World Cup. The outpouring of love as Twitter and Elon face their challenges is proof to me that Twitter has been a positive force for many. Twitter cannot be replaced. One of the best advice that I have received and that I have shared several times is something I came across on twitter. Dr Tariq Khokhar advises developers to make something that people will miss if it went away at the Developing Caribbean conference in 2012.


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