Feedback on the National Digital Strategy Consultation Document for Trinidad and Tobago

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The National Digital Strategy Consultation Document is on Before I continue ... My one main wish at this point is that they respond to their emails. I got feedback from one other person that they didn't respond to his email. I thought maybe they don't like me. I have tons more questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, solutions ... but I can't send them to the Ministry because I don't know what is happening on their end.

Here are my takeaways from the national digital strategy

  1. Enhance our quality of life - I would like to see about 50 concrete examples showing us where this is going to happen. Examples are a good way for the man on the street to digest what is happening and to get buy-in from the citizenry.
  2. Collaborative input and people engagement - I don't believe them and this is based on my experience. Maybe your experience would be different.
  3. Affordable technology - I would like to see ISPs mandated to provide a 20 Mbps internet package that costs about $110 dollars for the very lowest income households. There could be a discount for the elderly and the differently abled.
  4. A more inclusive nation - I would like this to mean opportunities for the differently abled and other vulnerable groups. The other day I was watching a youtube and it pointed to the lack of representation in the public service for the differently abled. Has there ever been a Minister or MP who was differently abled?
  5. I think one of the pillars for the Government should be enhanced customer service delivery. Where the government really cares. Where persons are motivated by service to the people. We have to become more than a vote at election time and a means to gaining power.
  6. I would like to see a transformation of the education system. Where we are producing good citizens who are eager to learn and contribute. Education is not just for those who can beat books. Education is not just a pathway to high paying jobs. Education is not a competition that leaves a section of the population to fend for themselves.
  7. They identify four main drivers: citizen satisfaction, improved work processes, ease and speed of services, and ease of access and better quality life. What I did not see was how these are going to be measured and how and when the public is going to be updated on these measurements. Preferably, independent bodies should be doing the measuring and reporting.
  8. They have not demonstrated to me that they are employing data driven decision making. Where are the numbers? How are decisions made? Who is making these decisions? How do I feel like I can make a difference when my emails get ignored?
  9. I would have liked to see particular mention made of the role of tech bloggers, tech youtubers, tech evangelists and tech journalists. How do we reach the masses? How do we explain things in relateable voices? How do we utilize local content producers which will serve us much better than all the foreign content that we consume?
  10. They mention emerging technologies. I am very much interested in learning more about the emerging technologies that we will take on. I would like them to expand on this point.

They ended the document with some questions.

What does Digital Transformation mean to you (or your organization)?

At the moment it means getting my emails responded to.

Do you agree on the Vision for a Digital Nation?

I like the direction of this. I am not convinced that there is passion behind this. I hope for the best.

Are there elements that should be included/omitted?

My feedback covers this.

Have we selected the right foundation elements (key cross-cutting drivers) to deliver accelerated and meaningful impact?

I think I would be better able to answer this if they presented a list of options they had that showed the elements that were not selected. We need more insight into how the strategy was created. They need to be talking to us often. Connect with the people meaningfully.

Can the strategic objectives identified within the thematic pillars achieve the vision?

I think so. Can't please everyone so go with what you have and move forward and move quickly.

How should the proposed strategic initiatives be prioritized?

By looking at goals, pain points, feasibility, citizens needs, value to be derived, dependencies, risks ... keeping in mind that you have to continuously review and adapt.

How will collaboration work for implementation of the plan and its governance?

I think that the public facing people and processes of the Ministry of Digital Transformation needs to be strengthened.


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