Let us dream together

I feel as a society and people we don't ask our friends and relatives and people in general, what are your dreams? Life is a competition and we are mostly all trying to get ahead. Instead of waiting for society to ask me, what are your dreams, I realised I could just go ahead and tell society and the world in a blog post. I was chatting with a friend and three things came to mind - losing weight, finishing my second book and being the best human being I could be (a better Muslim). But I needed to think about this some more. If we know our dreams we can find our best fit and role in society and we would know how to support each other.

At the highest level I want to be happy and comfortable and I want others to be happy and comfortable. My pursuits must be purpose driven. I have a passion for tech and I have a problem solvers' mindset. I dream of being the best tech blogger and tech youtuber I can be. I have put much effort into this over the years. I have built a good foundation and I have many years of experience specifically with these and in the tech space.

I want to build a youtuber studio. I want to create a proper desk setup where I can also do my coding. My favorite tech youtuber is Marques Brownlee. I admire how he explains things and I admire how he started simply and built himself to be the best tech youtuber. We hardly have any tech bloggers and tech youtubers in Trinidad or even in the Caribbean.

Why are my dreams important to me? I think my dreams can benefit myself and the world. The world is a better place when all of us reaches our best potential. It works in the context of a meaningful life and giving of ourselves. See my blog post on my understanding of life. Having dreams and working towards them makes life beautiful. Every day I get up and I thank God. I ask myself what can I do that gets me closer to my dreams. What can I do today to make me a better human being. A better Muslim. A better citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. A better person in this world.

It will not be easy. Life is full of ups and downs. We face challenges all the time. Look out for your friends. Look out for your relatives. Look out for others. Lend a helping hand. Give words of encouragement. Let us be dreamers together. Bard thinks that Martin Luther King Junior said, "Let us be dreamers together, and create a world where everyone is loved and accepted." This does sound like something he would say but I could not find this quote anywhere else online. My advice to others is to do like I did and write about your dreams. Let others know about your dreams and don't be afraid to ask for help with your dreams.


Anonymous said…
Love it, we need more dreamers

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