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I wanted to write a blog post but I did not know what to write about. I started thinking and asking Bard questions and searching the internet and thinking some more. What is bothering me? We have problems in Trinidad. We have technology as a tool. We have young bright minds. Are we making the best use of technology? Would we be able to afford the technology when our oil and gas revenues dry up? Where can technology have the biggest impact in Trinidad and Tobago? What does the future of tech look like for us? What are the weaknesses in the local tech sector?

We definitely do not want to be left behind with the rapid advances in the tech space globally. Who is going to lead the way for us? Who is going to say that technology is a pillar of modern societies? Who is going to say that we can find solutions in technology? Who is going to make technology a priority for us in this country? It is going to have to come from all of us. From the citizens. From the stakeholders. We have government, private sector, academia, NGOs, technologists, bloggers and the media, just to name a few.

Our concerns that come to my mind are social good, human development, wealth creation, better standard of living, innovation and diversification of the economy. For example, technology can be used to: Improve education and healthcare, which are essential for human development; Create new jobs and boost economic growth, which can lead to a better standard of living for all. Develop new products and services that can improve people's lives; Diversify the economy and reduce its reliance on oil and gas.

So is this going to be just another blog post or is this going to be a blog post that gets some comments and that gets shared with your circles? What part of stakeholders are you? What are we going to do to promote the better use of technology in country development? I take my role as a technology blogger seriously. I am always looking for ways to do better. This does not have to be just another blog post. This could be our wake up call. An impetus for you and me. Our country needs us. The future needs us.


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