Q and A with the creators of ChatrrApp

Tell us about ChatrrApp?

The founding partners observed a prominent discrepancy in value attribution, where renowned celebrities or modern-day influencers, capable of affording premium products, were showered with complimentary gifts by brands, while everyday loyal consumers felt undervalued and overlooked. Coupled with the observed annual surge in cell phone bills, this sparked the inception of ChatrrApp.
ChatrrApp is an innovative, free mobile communication app that redefines user interaction by rewarding users for engaging in a ubiquitous activity: making calls. Experience unparalleled call and message quality, earn rewards seamlessly, and contribute to narrowing the digital divide within Caribbean communities. Discover more about how you can redefine communication at www.chatrrapp.com. Pre-register now, and make your voice resonate! Elevate your everyday interactions and help us create a platform where every user feels valued, and every call makes a difference!

How did you come up with the name and branding for ChatrrApp?

Creating a brand name, especially for an application like ours, was a thoughtful process involving both creativity and strategic alignment with our brand’s mission and values. We wanted a name that was catchy, easy to remember, and reflective of our app's core functionality.

ChatrrApp is a portmanteau of “Chat,” representing the core function of our app, enabling communication and interaction, and “trr,” subtly hinting at ‘trend,’ representing the app’s modern and trendy nature, and finally “App,” representing the medium. The objective was to immediately convey the purpose and ethos of our app through its name. We wanted users to associate 'ChatrrApp' with seamless, trendy, and dynamic conversations.

Our branding strategy was focused on creating a user-friendly and vibrant visual identity, resonating with our diverse user base. We incorporated a color palette that is lively yet unobtrusive, reflecting the app's energetic, inclusive and luxury spirit. Our logo, a minimalistic and modern representation of a chat bubble, symbolizes open, fluid, and straightforward communication, embodying the essence of our application.
Reflection of Core Values

Both the name and branding of ChatrrApp were meticulously chosen to mirror our dedication to fostering connections, promoting open dialogue, and providing a platform that is intuitive, engaging, and inclusive. We believe our visual and nominal identity successfully represents ChatrrApp's character and ambition, aligning with our overarching goal to redefine digital communication.

Who are the team behind the app?

Jainath Ramdan - Owner and operator of Intelli Call Solutions Limited, Jainath will work directly with TeleCAIN LLC personnel to market and launch the Pilot Program to the market.

Nicholas Roach - Team Lead for C7 roles and responsibilities.

Devon Ramdan - Devon will lead the team from TeleCAIN to work directly with Jainath and Nicholas to ensure all milestones and timelines are met.

Debbie Jollie - Debbie will spearhead the marketing of the project, initiating our venture into the social media realm. Her responsibilities will not only encompass content creation but will also utilize our rewards program as a foundation to fuel engagement. Additionally, she'll be instrumental in onboarding new sponsorship partners, further enhancing our brand presence.

What data privacy and security features exist for the app?

Chatting and Calling are secure and private. The data is end-to-end encrypted (SSL); user messaging data is never shared with sponsors. Prominent cloud services are hosting the infrastructure, and their physical security is reasonable enough to ensure user data is secure.

What technologies are being utilized?

ChatrrApp uses Google's Firebase for user management, SMS number verification, email verification, user chats and push notifications to the mobile apps. The rest of the system uses propriety REST services (ASP.NET) for all other application functions.

How is the app going to be monetized?

ChatrrApp is a mobile calling app like WhatsApp & Telegram. ChatrrApp is briefly summarized below:

When a user makes a phone call, they will be presented with a patented logically targeted message from a Sponsorship Partner. That Sponsorship Partner could be a government or commercial entity who will be paying a fee to have their message heard. The key lies within an 8-15 second window known as “Ringback”. The “Ringback” period is the timeframe in which a caller hears the ringing sound after dialing a telephone number. The message heard by the user will be delivered in conjunction with the normal ringing sound they are used to hearing when making a phone call, the ringing sound will be lowered and kept in the background to keep the user aware that the phone call is connecting like normal.

For every Sponsored Message a user hears, they will be rewarded with cash value that can be redeemed for items such as top-up, accessories, devices, or other merchandise, products & services.
The goal of our project is to support the digital transformation needs of businesses in T&T by introducing a technological platform that provides a marketing service to clients while also benefiting and rewarding our users. Our goal is to enable brands to reach and reward everyday consumers for their loyalty, using our network as the medium. This is how we uniquely foster economic growth and help close the digital divide throughout the communities we serve.

Tell us more about the e-wallet and can I share ChatrrCash with other users?

Central to our services is the intent to offset the data costs incurred during calls or messages made via free calling and messaging apps, understanding that each interaction comes with its inherent data expense. ChatrrApp, therefore, was meticulously designed to alleviate these costs by integrating sponsorship from our brand partners for such interactions.
However, we recognize that not all users require data subsidies. Thus, we have diversified the ways in which our users can utilize the earned rewards, offering them the flexibility to convert their ChatrrCash to other forms of value. One such avenue is the ability to transfer ChatrrCash to e-wallets like Endcash. 
We are on the verge of sealing agreements with Endcash, enabling our users to directly transfer their ChatrrCash to their Endcash e-wallets, provided they hold active accounts. Once transferred, users can spend their funds at over 1600+ partner locations of Endcash, effectively reducing the cost of their purchases, or opt to transfer their balance directly to their bank accounts.
Regarding sharing your ChatrrCash, we are enthused about the upcoming feature of sharing your ChatrrCash! This innovative feature is slated for introduction during our Pilot Phase, although, regrettably, it won't be accessible during the Alpha and Beta Phases.
We envisage the Family Pooling feature to provide you the flexibility to amalgamate or share your ChatrrCash with loved ones to optimize your earnings. Whether you choose to consolidate earnings within the family, gift ChatrrCash on special occasions, or lend a helping hand during trying times, the discretion on spending and sharing is entirely yours.
Family Pooling is designed to ensure managing your ChatrrCash is as seamless and effortless as accumulating it! We’re eager to bring this feature to you, offering more ways to manage and enjoy your earnings.
Also, coming during the Pilot Program, we are thrilled to unveil “ChatrrApp for Charities”, a feature allowing users to donate their ChatrrCash to charitable organizations recognized both locally and internationally. This initiative provides an opportunity for our user community to contribute to meaningful causes and make a positive impact, transforming their ChatrrCash into a force for good. Whether focusing on local community needs or global challenges, users have the freedom to support the causes they are passionate about, turning their interactions on our platform into contributions for a better world.

What problem is the app trying to solve?

ChatrrApp is More than making calls or messaging. Broadband penetration is still below 50% in Trinidad and Tobago. ChatrrApp will support Digital Inclusion. Our rewards system will give more homes internet connectivity by giving subsidized access to mobile data, plus fuel economic growth and development for local businesses.
The main goal of our project is to support the digital transformation needs of businesses in Trinidad and Tobago by introducing a technological platform that provides a marketing service to clients while also benefiting and rewarding our users. This project has the potential for innovation in several areas,
including process, marketing and organizational as well as impact on varying firms.
As it relates to our brand partners, this project provides an innovative solution to reach and extend their customer base. This can therefore also impact their export potential and foreign earnings.
Overall, this project has the capability to help break through the digital divide barriers. In CANTO (organization focused on leading and shaping the ICT industry in the Caribbean Region and the Americas) 2022 conference last year in Miami, they advised that the leading barriers for use and adoption are lack of awareness, affordability, lack of digital skills and lack of infrastructure. Our business model directly looks to subsidize the cost of the broadband charges as well as provide ways to get phone devices into consumers’ hands who can’t necessarily afford these items but by engaging our brand partners to sponsor the cost of the call and devices, we can help increase these penetration rates. One of the shortfalls highlighted at CANTO 2022 was the lack of funds by telecommunication providers and national governments to help bridge the gap. From the perspective of the users our solution can assist in supporting the ability of nationals to acquire telecommunication devices that would otherwise not be affordable.

What other apps is this app competing against and what makes ChatrrApp different?

ChatrrApp technology is Patent Approved and is based off the logic used to match the Ad Preferences to the end user (Subscriber). With the rapidly increasing inflation rates all businesses are struggling for ways to increase business cash flow and opportunities to stay profitable. ChatrrApp aligns with these needs to help assist everyday consumers with similar concerns. This mobile app will help struggling consumers offset everyday needs by doing something they already need and want to do and allows them to monetize the time spent when using our app.
ChatrrApp is a unique game-changing mobile calling app with patented technology that revolutionizes digital marketing reach. Users listen to and engage with targeted audio ads when connecting to a video & audio call and enjoy cash rewards for their participation as it can cover the cost of the call. Rewards can be redeemed for phone data, coupons, and vouchers from our advertising partners. Our roadmap includes charitable initiatives, allowing users to make a positive impact in our communities as they can donate the ChatrrCash they earn or Family pool it as well as share with others in their contacts.

What is the vision and mission for ChatrrApp?

Our Vision: A world where every individual, regardless of their background or circumstance, can turn everyday actions into opportunities for financial empowerment.
Our Mission: To revolutionize the way people, use their mobile devices by transforming them into valuable tools for effortlessly earning income. We are committed to creating a platform that empowers regular people to leverage their mobile devices for more than just communication—to make audio or video calls and navigate their digital lives while simultaneously earning money through direct brand sponsorship.

Anything else you would like to add?

We're on the brink of something exciting and your early involvement can shape this experience for everyone! Pre-registering is more than just securing your spot—it’s about raising your hand and letting your favorite brands know you want them on board! Pre-registration is a crucial step for our users and serves as a powerful expression of interest, revealing to potential brand partners the genuine demand and enthusiasm for having them sponsor calls and cover YOUR data costs.
By pre-registering, users send a clear message to brands about their preference and willingness to engage, enabling brands to see the value in partnering with us. This proactive step helps in attracting a diverse range of brands, offering users more choices and better alignment with their preferences and values.
This process not only helps in building a robust and diverse ecosystem of brand partners but also ensures that users can maximize the benefits from the onset, enjoying a higher rate of sponsored calls and having their data expenses covered by their favorite brands. The collective voice of our pre-registered user base can significantly influence the brands we bring on board, shaping the service to better suit the needs and preferences of our community from the very beginning. Learn more at chatrrapp.com and pre-register today and let your voice be heard. 
The introduction of ChatrrApp to the local industry will also allow for a new innovative service that is technologically based and leverages real time data to adapt and create targeted marketing for all sizes of companies. ChatrrApp provides consumers with an opportunity to capitalize on the “Ring Back” period to earn real cash value. Ad Avoidance is low to impossible as the caller must listen for the call connection thus the return on advertising spending (R.O.A.S) is higher for our Brand partners.


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