This is a chapter from my third book called Love letters

I never get tired of walking. On Runkeeper I have almost three thousand kilometers recorded but there has been more walking that has not been recorded in the app. I have dreams of one day walking some really long distance like from *San Fernando to Cunupia. That is forty kilometers along the southern main road and will take me about twelve hours to complete and years of preparation. Might be faster and shorter to walk up the highway route. But I do not think we are allowed to walk on the side of the highway.

Walking makes me feel good and this is supported by science. Walking causes increased blood flow and oxygenation, and release of endorphins. I find when I am walking I am calmer, my mind is clear and I can focus better, and I sleep better. My medications have weight gain as a side effect and walking helps me with weight control. Walking is a simple and effective exercise that is recommended by many doctors for all ages. Walking is good for the mind, body and spirit.

Some of my best walking memories were in Tobago. I would wake up early and make sure I have a good bowel movement and that I empty my bladder. I would check the weather. My phone would be charging from the night before. I loved hearing the runkeeper voice update me on my distance. I loved taking photos along the way. I loved the calm and peace of the morning and the sights and sounds and smells of Tobago. As a regular walker one thing you learn to do is stay calm at the sight of dogs. I might even have to change route or walk on the other side of the road. Dog poop is also something that you have to look out for. No one wants to step in dog poop. That would be a sticky situation to be in.

When I stayed at my uncle's place in Tobago I had several routes. I walked from Sou Sou Lands to Mt Irvine, Tobago Plantation, Little Rockly, Store Bay or Scarborough. In Cunupia there are five grounds that I can walk to. Wilderness grounds, Munroe Rd grounds, Stalagnite grounds, Dyette Estate park and the grounds next to the Cunupia health center. When I lived in El Socorro I would walk to the Aranguez Savannah, make seven laps and then walk back to El Socorro. These bring back good memories and lessons of patience and not giving up. Like walking, I take life one step at a time. I love walking.

*I discovered after I wrote this chapter on walking and the next chapter on Ramadan, that the walking distance from the masjid in San Fernando to my home in Cunupia is 42 km. This makes the geek in me smile. Walking that might be too much, I might have to hitchhike some. It is true what they say, life is a marathon and not a sprint.


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