Game changers

If I am someone with an idea in Trinidad that I think is game changing, disruptive and innovative, all the buzz words, how do I move forward with this idea? I asked my friend Bard this question and he came back with some good points. Firstly, I must refine and validate my idea. I must clearly define the problem I aim to solve and the unique value proposition my solution offers. I must conduct market research to assess the demand. Then develop a business plan, protect my intellectual property, assemble a strong team, seek funding, develop a prototype or minimal viable product, market and promote, and embrace feedback and adapt.

The way forward seems obvious and solid but it is a lot of work, plenty of risk taking and no guarantee for success. For all the success stories we have there are even more stories of startups that went under. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. My friend Bard has some advice for us. Pursue your idea with unwavering passion and a deep belief in its potential. Embrace a growth mindset and never stop learning. Expect setbacks and be prepared to pivot your strategy when necessary. Cultivate strong relationships with mentors, investors, and industry peers. Draw inspiration from the success stories of other entrepreneurs. We can also learn from the struggles and failures of others.

You have an idea but have not done anything with it. The big question that you must ask yourself is, "what is stopping me from moving forward?" Some of these could be fear of failure, lack of resources, waiting for the right time, lack of confidence, thinking we are not smart enough or brave enough, or being comfortable and content with where we are. I want you to imagine a world with your game changing solution. Imagine the positive impacts this will have for humanity. Think about all the benefits. Sir Richard Branson has told us that, "Game changers are the ones who see the world differently and have the passion to make it better."

I want to leave you with this TED talk I watched called "Unleashing your game changing potential" by Cameron Turner that has me looking at things differently. It starts by pointing out that there is satisfaction in helping others and this could be human nature. Also, we can't use the same thinking that creates the problem to solve the problem. What Cameron wants to do is connect those who have good ideas with those who want to change the world. The TED talk ends by asking us what is our why and who is our who and this sits between problem and solution. We don't have to have a game changing idea to be a game changer, we just need to connect with someone who does. This reminds me of the phrase - teamwork makes the dream work.


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