19+23 again

Sometimes I come across these things and I know that they might just be coincidences but I also want to keep an open mind and I find it interesting and weird and curious. Documenting this particular instance on my blog.

I was watching this video

https://youtu.be/RCSSgxV9qNw (Why Is 1/137 One of the Greatest Unsolved Problems In Physics?)

Out of curiousity and seeking some sort of guidance I then decided to grab a random verse from the Quran

I got 86:3 It is the piercing star

I find it curious that firstly they both relate to Physics and secondly 863 and 137 complement each other and add to 1000.

But then I noticed that there are 19 letters and 23 letters with spaces in "It is the piercing star". If you read my last book Love Letters you would see the connection to this Maths and the number 42. Might all be coincidences but I am keeping an open mind and documenting it here on my blog.

*Curiousity further led me down a rabbit hole and this is what I came across

The word Allah occurs in the Quran 2698 times = 19 x 142. If we add the numbers of the verses where the word Allah occurs, we find that the total is 118123 = 19 x 6217

1/137 + 1/863 = 1000/118231

difference of 108 (118231 - 118123)

This leads me to Aspden's calculation

I was happy to see pi in that calculation and according to ChatGPT (I dont know how to verify this so this remains questionable):

In Aspden's model, 108 is derived as follows:

The first six atomic shells contain 182 electrons in total. Aspden postulates that the remaining capacity of the first six shells after filling with electrons is 182 - 74 = 108. He then relates this remaining capacity to the number 108 in his calculations for the inverse of the fine structure constant. So, in summary, 108 represents the difference between the total capacity of the first six electron shells and the number of electrons actually present in those shells in Aspden's model.

*A tidbit I came across in my research : Hassium is a chemical element; it has symbol Hs and atomic number 108


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