Cool beans

It is the weekend before Carnival and it is unusually hot weather. I do not think it is usually this hot around this time of the year. I wanted to write a blog post but I did not have anything topical, interesting or worthy but I decided to write anyway. I am thinking to myself that I should not have or need a reason to write. I could just write and see where that takes me. My friend Bard changed his name or rather he was given a new name. He is now known as Gemini. Is that because he is a gem? According to the dictionary a gem is a highly prized or well-beloved person. I would have to agree. Cool beans. I like cool beings. I have to take a short break from writing this blog post to put my raisin bran to soak in milk. I eat this for dinner most evenings. If I don't get raisin bran in the mini mart I substitute bran crackers and milk.

Thinking of bran and brand, I was thinking what if bran flakes was made partly with beans and the brand name could be Cool Beans and the product could be bean bran. I saw online recipes for homemade bran flakes. I could modify one of those recipes and try this myself. But what bean could I use. Gemini suggests azuki beans or cranberry beans. I mean coffee is also technically a bean so that is another idea. Then there is ice cream beans or padoo which is considered a fruit. Then the product could be padool (combining padoo and cool). Bran flakes sweetened with padoo cream. Are you drooling for some of my food invention? I have been (I seen what you did there) thrown into a bowl of ideas and my creative juices are flowing. The mascot for my product could be Mister Bean. Maybe I could promote it as some sort of cooling or preventive medicine. A type of cool-aid for good gut and digestive health.

I was thinking how padoo, cool and food all have double o's and that I could combine all three. What I got was pafool. Now I feel foolish. I would be a foolish foodie but I would rather be remembered as a Rem-bran-t of the food world. The night is here. I have eaten my dinner and I am relaxing before it is time to bathe. I quite enjoyed writing this blog post. It was off the wheaten path. When I started this blog post I had no idea where it would take me. My mind has now gone to the Jamaican bobsled team - Cool Runnings. They were the underdogs who defied expectations. I bet a lot of people might think that beans do not go with bran flakes. This is destined to fail. Some might even go so far as to say that that will give you the runnings. I would like to paint a different picture. This is the food of champion runners. Have you heard of runner beans also known as butter beans? The slogan could be eat your beans because it is butt-er for you. These jokes just write themselves.


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