My notes from GDG POS Firebase study jam

Today Google Developer Group Port of Spain hosted a livestream study session around Firebase. It featured a presentation by Arthur Thompson who has been working at Google for the last few years on the Firebase team. When asked about how he got started at Google he stated that it was simple but fascinating and what he did was go through He also mentioned that there were a number of other trinis working at Google and in Silicon valley.

I encourage you to visit the GDG POS website and join the meetup group to keep updated on future events.

What is firebase? Firebase is an app development platform with a number of related tools. Examples are tools for authentication, messaging, storage and hosting. One of the main tools is Firestore, their NoSQL document database. You can get started really quickly and there is much documentation.

One of the things that caught my attention in the presentation was global edge caching. On the website it states that Firebase Hosting uses a powerful global CDN to make your site as fast as possible.

One of the questions I asked was, how to verify the safety of extensions? Whenever using user contributed code you should have a checklist to go through to see that the code can be trusted. Same applies with Firebase extensions.

The first lab made use of Gitpod. This was something new to me. These are one-click ready-to-code development environments for GitHub.

One thing I dislike about pay as go platforms is when I cannot set a budget limit. I would like to set a limit so that my monthly bill does not surprise me for whatever reasons.

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