Getting older

This month I turn 40 years old. Child of the 80s. Age brings wisdom. We can choose to make use of this wisdom and we should. I don't feel old. I do feel like a young adult. Often times we hear the term "grow up" but is this a worthwhile pursuit considering the bad state of many parts that are managed by "grown ups". I want to keep the passion, learning, exploring and energy of the younger me.

According to what I read, I am borderline belonging to the millennial generation. Millennials were born between 1980 and 1994. We are currently between 26 and 40 years old. I also read that the song Call Me by Blondie was popular during the week I was born. Let me hang up a disco ball and grab a pair of bell bottom pants, thank you.

I don't do anything special to celebrate my birthday. If I happen to buy something special around my birthday, I would say that it was for my birthday. I have no cake but I have muffin mix to just add water and bake. I have no cupcake cups but I have a bread pan. So what I am making is a muffin bread cake.

What my older self will tell my younger self? Enjoy the journey. Have fun. Here is a fun poem I wrote for this birthday

Farty years

Gray hairs
Big ears
Older gears
Some tears
Some cheers
Thankful prayers

I googled questions to ask yourself at 40 years and came upon 3 questions from this article.

What brings me the most joy? Technology. Me being passionate about tech and the use of tech as a tool to solving problems will never get old.

How did I accomplish my largest successes? By defining my own measures of success. By holding on to the things that I am passionate about. By approaching things, mainly, one day at a time. By deciding that big things can come in small packages. Appreciate the small things in life also.

When will you make the next move? The one thing I need to focus on is exercise and diet. There were periods when I was really good at this. I need to do this starting now. My health is my wealth. I love walking. The amount of long distance walking I have done is commendable.


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