Setting up my .tt domain name

So I decided to purchase a .tt domain name. In the past I would have gone the way of Godaddy because it was cheaper (for 2nd level domain name), more convenient and offered DNS management. There was a time when online credit card payments was not accepted by TTNIC. TTNIC manages the .tt cctld (country code top level domain). TTNIC is a register. Read up more about the internet domain name system if you want to learn more about this.

At the heart of what they do is point your domain name to your specified nameservers that manages your DNS records. They only manage nameserver records in their zone so you will have to obtain DNS management outside of them. Cloudflare seems to be popular for this and they offer a free tier. I found and their free tier and I chose this. For now I am hosting a landing page on my domain name and using firebase hosting. For this I am using A records pointing to firebase's hosting ip addresses.

One of the main reasons I chose a .tt domain name is that I could pay with local bank transfer (ACH). My prepaid credit card expired and I do not know if I could get another one. I am using republic bank online so it was easy to transfer the $300 to their republic bank account, for the third level domain. This makes your domain valid for 3 years. I started after lunch and by afternoon payment was received and domain setup and by night time records were propagated and my website was loading. From start to finish I followed the instructions on the TTNIC website and had no problems. TTNIC's process and website feels manual and old fashion but it worked well and that was that. The next test would be whenever I decide to change nameservers.

I had some questions and tech support was quick to respond. I only had to deal with two persons and I suspect the team is not larger than that. Does TTNIC work with any whois lookup? I was told that they do not have a whois server but they do provide a search function at Also even though this wikipedia listing does not specify they do support IDN registration (in Punycode format) and they do support IPv6 nameservers.

While I waited for records to propogate after the activation of the domain I got the expected ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in the browser, ping returns DNS error. Unknown host, DNS lookup 0 records and DNS manager not delegated. The TTNIC website was saying a NSLOOKUP on produces: is not active.


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