I started using Bing search engine

According to StatCounter, Google search market share is 92.01% as of February 2022. That is pretty impressive. Before now I have used Google search only but I started using Bing search in parallel. As a tech blogger and techie, I do a lot of research and I especially go deep into results and sometimes to the end of the results. Competition is good and the more persons that use a search engine makes it better. I never gave Bing a proper try before and so I wanted to do that this time around. Some have joked that Bing stands for Because It's Not Google.

I changed the default search engine in my Chrome mobile browser to Bing from Chrome settings, as a reminder to also use Bing in my searches. I find that I am getting some useful results that I am not getting with Google. I noticed that the Youtube thumbnail is linked to what I am searching. I get a clean link when I copy link from search results and this is especially useful for attachments.

I see less ads on Bing although I have no problems with ads because they pay for a service. I am not seeing the option to filter by date on Bing. This is a useful feature I am used to on Google. I am not seeing a Bing alerts but I discovered that you can create an rss feed for your search e.g. http://bing.com/search?q=tobago+holiday&format=rss. I find I am getting some broad results with Bing. Google is more specific. Broad results can come in handy and be useful when I am not sure what search terms to use or exactly what I am searching for.

From since I small I have heard to not put all your eggs in one basket. In conclusion, I feel like I am getting richer and more accurate results with Google but I don't want to miss out on results from Bing and by using Bing I can make it better, so I think I will continue to use both.


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