My last blog post was my 100th blog post on this new blog space. It has been 2 years here. I have been a tech blogger for more than 10 years and a blogger for approaching 20 years. It has been an enriching journey. I do it for me. I do it for those that care. I do it for those that need it. I do it for those that appreciate. Sometimes I go through my archives. Memories of times past. Memories of the good times. To be here writing this and you reading this, means that we had to overcome all the hurdles so far. We are more than capable of succeeding at life into the future. So much to be thankful for.

Today is a holiday in Trinidad and Tobago. It is Eid and marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. A month of fasting, reflecting, blessings and forgiveness. Let us forgive ourselves and others. Let us better ourselves and others. Let us travel the right path. The good path. Let us journey with purpose.

This month I turn 42 years old. I am wiser and stronger. I have plenty experience in the tech space and plenty more to contribute through this blog. There was no internet in my beginning years. In later years, I watched computing and the internet change the world and the way we live. It was called the information superhighway. We can travel the world and connect with people from around the world, all in the palm of our hands.

The other day I had to comment that we all win when each of us wins. We are in this journey together. We need each other. Let us celebrate our diversity and strengths and work together for a better world. My passion is technology. My strength is being an expert in technology. My contribution at the moment is this blog. The internet is my streets. These words are my footsteps. And in the words of Chris "Tambu" Herbert's calypso, the journey now start.


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