Trinidad can be a tech paradise

I would not say that we are a tech paradise but I would definitely say that we can be a tech paradise. I read this article from Avasant, who has an office in Trinidad, and there were some things that stood out to me. So much so that I decided to blog about it. It reminded me about the blog post I wrote, Trinidad and Tobago as the ICT hub of the Caribbean.

They talk about diversification. We in Trinidad have been talking about diversification for years and not much has been done. We still depend heavily on oil and gas. One day we might wake up and realise we are in serious trouble and realise we have no choice. But then will it be too late? We still have time to change and we should start now.

They mentioned that we are surrounded by creative energies. This is definitely true. We have alot of creative, talented, energentic and smart people. But are they being utilised? Are we pushing the fitting persons in leadership positions? Are we listening to the visionaries as I wrote about in my blog post, what is a visionary?

They talk about opportunities in fin tech. This is an area that needs to catch up with the developed world in my opinion. The banks are pretty profitable, comfortable and influential and I dont expect them to be drivers in this space. There needs to be options like Cashapp and Paypal locally. Things are happening nonetheless and we have startups like WAM and products like End Cash. In the cryptocurrency space we have the banks blocking persons from buying in contrast to a country like El Salvador where Bitcoin was made an official currency.

The article states, "Trinidad and Tobago is coming at pace and pushing itself to be a competitive global nearshore provider." This is great news. Not only that, I would like to see that we encourage remote workers to come live in our country. Barbados is doing it. They mention our reliable telecom infrastructure. This is definitely a strong point.

I enjoyed reading this article. In my opinion it painted a promising picture. The success of the local tech sector is pivotal to the future and development of our country. I am disappointed that there was nothing written in the article about the Ministry of Digital Transformation. With all our minds and hands together we can make Trinidad and Tobago a tech paradise.


Frank Scavo said…
Hassan, I'm glad you enjoyed our research byte on Trinidad & Tobago as a potential tech hub and nearshore outsourcing location. We are hopeful for the island's future, but of course there is a lot of development needed to realize the potential. And thanks for the pointer to the Ministry of Digital Transformation. We'll have to look into that!

--Frank Scavo, President
Avasant Research

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