Celebrate the small things

My art piece called "celebration"

The new year is a time of reflection and planning. Last year I wrote a blog post for the new year and I am doing so again this year. I can feel the end of year and new year because the days get cooler and the nights and mornings get colder. The parang starts playing on the radio. The Christmas festivities usher in the end of the year. The stores start giving out calenders. The groceries bring out the butter cookies and the nuts you have to buss. Pastelles go on sale by the dozens.

Did you accomplish your goals in 2022? Did you learn new things? Did you unlearn some things? These are questions we should all be asking as we welcome the new year. The worst of the pandemic is over and the hype and panic and discomfort has passed. Humanity and the human spirit has overcome. I say a prayer for myself, my community and my country. May God guide us and bless us. May He give us strength and humility. The number 23 is my favorite so I am thinking 2023 will be my favorite year.

I will be 43 years old in 2023. I don't feel that old. I mean sometimes persons call me uncle so my maturity and wiseness is showing. I would describe the past year as productive and fruitful. My theme for 2023 would be celebrate the small things. I want to be rooted in gratitude and contentment. I want to face my tough moments with calm and smarts.

Alot of persons would be excited for the return of Carnival in Trinidad. This is us. This is who we are. I stay home but I can see and feel whats going on through social media. Carnival is art. Carnival is celebration. I have included my art piece called "celebration" in this blog post. Let the new year be about celebration. About winning. About beating the odds. I want to create more art and write more poetry in the new year.

I am thankful. It is too easy to take for granted what we have and how far we have come. The birds chirping in the morning. The cup of orange juice in the morning. That fresh feeling from a good night's sleep. A smile and compliment from a stranger. Armed with a heart full of gratitude we can take on the days and the world. I celebrate life and I view every day as an opportunity to pursue our goals and dreams.


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