Stack Overflow Developer Survey

The latest Stack Overflow survey results is out. I wish we had a similar survey for Trinidad and Tobago and the region. It is useful to get a sense of what developers are wanting, what they are using, the challenges and so much more. Software developers form a large group of the tech ecosystem. The hardware is useless without the developers. Quality systems and processes take skillful developers. I looked through the survey results and these are my quick takeaways

- Many persons are choosing coding as a career path
- Perl language has lost its popularity in the developer space to other languages. This has been for some time. But Perl developers are highly paid and in demand. So you can make some money by learning an older language.
- Trinidad and Tobago had a measely 20 persons complete the survey. This is unacceptable.
- 53.06% of respondents started coding between 11 - 17 years of age. This fits with my idea that coding should be mandatory in Secondary school.
- 91% of all respondents identify as a male. We really need to work on attracting women as coders.
- JavaScript was the most commonly used programming language among respondents. No surprises there.
- Git is a fundamental tool that every developer should have mastery of
- I was surprised to see Windows still be the most popular OS. Seems like every new hire on my LinkedIn feed gets a Mac.
- I see COBOL as one of the most dreaded languages. Just like I remembered it.
- I learnt of a new editor that I would love to try - Neovim
- Most persons visit Google or Stack Overflow when they get stuck

One of things I would like to see is more persons using Stack Overflow to answer questions. Give back to the platform that has given us so much.


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