Flow Internet in Tobago

I was browsing my facebook feed and came across a post stating that Flow is now offering internet service in Tobago, "Just in case you have not yet heard, Flow is in TOBAGO, and we are painting the town BLUE. It's time to Switch, Join #TeamBlue. Visit here to find the plan that's right for YOU #FlowinTobago". From their website page where you can get more info, it looks like only available in certain areas of west Tobago for now. The website states that more locations to be shared soon! They want you to check back later or keep an eye on their social media channels. I contacted Flow to see if a press release was issued that could have more useful information. It took them long enough to come over to Tobago and the more options and competition should be better for Tobagonians. Also it is a fiber network which is different from Trinidad which is parts fiber and parts cable. If you are in Tobago let me know what you think of this new option.


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