Social media gets a bad rap

Recently I saw in the papers the headline "Gordon: Turn off social media for Lent". It hurts me when I see social media get a bad rap. Social media is just a tool. It is a reflection of us. We have a choice to use it for bad or use it for good. We have a choice of what to follow and what to interact with. We get to shape social media. If we let the bad actors dominate social media then we lose out on its utility.

I once did a 1 minute youtube on what I saw as the positives of social media. How social media was being used in a positive way. I think instead of the church complaining in this way they should be thinking about how to grow with the times. How they can reach persons through social media. The church needs a social media strategy. People are online more and more and I don't think that this is going to change. If less and less persons are coming to church then if people are not coming to you then go to the people and the people can be found online.

The internet brings the world to our doorsteps. It has made it much easier to learn and share knowledge. It has made it much easier to connect and communicate with others. The internet has positively impacted humandkind and social media is part of this. I am not going to tell persons to turn off or turn on social media. I will say that it is a choice. I will share my positive experience and my positive thinking. I will say use it if it suits you. Just as we have to be careful and discerning in real life, the same applies for using social media.

Everything has disadvantages and advantages. I am not going to pretend like I don't see the negatives and hear the criticisms. I am optimistic and I see myself as balancing the discource. Instead of saying turn off social media I would have said turn off the negativity and spread positivity. But that is just me. I am just one voice. I would like to hear your thoughts. Share with us in the comments below.


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