The world of content creators in Trinidad and Tobago

A content creator creates some form of online content like videos, blog posts, poems, art and photos among other things. Influencers are also content creators but their main focus is to influence others. Influencers are popular in digital marketing and with brands. Social media platforms are home to many content creators and influencers.

I sometimes see persons complain about content creators. They may think that they are not authentic or that they have sold out to brands. I saw on twitter complaints that the local food reviewers were not giving balanced reviews and everything tasted good. I think if the followers supported content creators with additional independent sources of income like donations and purchase merchandise and paid for exclusive content then they would be in a position to be more independent. But we like free thing in Trinidad.

Being a content creator can be profitable and can even be a fulltime career. It doesn't take much to get started but once you progress you will want to invest in your craft and come up with engagement and growth strategies. I enjoy creators who engage with their followers. Not everyone wants or must have a massive audience. You might be comfortable with a small audience where you can interact with everyone and you are not overwhelmed by being well known.

I have seen it said that content creators are important to our tourism and I agree. Content creators can showcase our culture, places to visit, food to eat, events and places to stay. Tourism is a key piece of our diversification efforts. Other countries are embracing new media and we would not want to be left behind.

Content creators are not only about entertainment. Many are educational and informative. Some rally for causes. Some are role models with good advice to share. Some people live vicariously through others online. Think about a trini living in the cold enjoying a Tobago vlog. Not everyone will be in a position to visit and experience it themselves. I encourage others to be content creators and know that you will be a spark in someone's life who is interested in what you have to share.


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