Things that helped me as a coder

I have been thinking about traits of mines that have helped me as a coder and I am sharing. I think our traits are a combination of what we were born with and what we were conditioned and this is debateable. Over time we come to have strengths and weaknesses. I think anything can be learnt and unlearnt. Some things are harder for some than others. We play to our strengths and try to work on our weaknesses. 

I started young. We had a computer lab in secondary school. I developed a passion for tech and coding during secondary school. I am a problem solver and I think in terms of solutions. I would much quicker offer a solution than complain about something. I feel like I am naturally gifted and I was born with some talent. My mom let me choose what I wanted to be. I was not pressured to be a doctor or lawyer or something that I had no interest in.

I am persistent and patient. Sometimes debugging code will test you. I am creative. I am good at searching for answers and I ask plenty questions. I am good at following instructions and I am a good listener. I am fascinated by the way things work. I like building stuff. I think of all the possibilities. I am a minimalist and I want the easiest way to do things.

I learn quickly and I can learn on my own. Today it doesn't cost much to learn to code and be a coder. I am not motivated by money, I enjoy working with tech. One of my university professors in a recommendation for me described me as being extremely intelligent and quick in picking up new concepts. He said I was an independent learner and an outstanding problem solver.

I have not been doing much coding over the last few years so I am rusty. But it would not take me long to get up to speed if need be. If you are interested in becoming a coder check out my youtube video - Learning to code, programming tips. Also check out this video - What most schools dont teach.


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